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  • Bassguitarist1985 ·
    Hey if its on the owners manual then you are correct. I've seen enough of the admin posts where they frown upon trying to defeat safety features of machines.
    Abrnth3 ·
    Well I had to sick my wife on them. She called every supplier I had written down and kept bugging everyone for another contact that might have the parts we were looking for. Low and behold we found 3 suppliers with one of the parts we need and one supplier that had both the lines I need. Wally at Nobel Country Tractor parts was a god send.
    jainlay1 ·
    Hi Nouveau,
    I have not posted to this forum in quite awhile and I have a problem that I need help with. I do not know where or how to post my question so I will send it to you with the hope that you can help me. here is my question....I have a John Deere 2008 Model 5525 Tractor with 4 wheel drive. There is an Auto function that allows the front wheels to automatically engage when the back wheels start to slip. There is a three position switch on the dash and the 2 wheel and 4 wheel positions work correctly. If the 4 wheel drive does work when its in fulltime 4 wheel drive, then what switch, relay or part would I need to replace to make the "Auto" Function start working again? Right now, when I go to the "AUTO" position the front wheels DO NOT engage when the back wheels start to slip
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