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  • johnward ·
    mrbeef, I rebuilt the carb on my 318 in 2016 using your great video as a guide. I'm afraid it needs to be done again as it is very hard to start. I looked on the site for your videos but could not find. Could you tell me where I can find? Hopefully Boomer is still around for kits. A few years ago I stopped at his place in MN during a side trip for work. Great guy. Thanks, Johnward
    Thanks Kyle! How do you like the Dakotas? I had to visit one of my sites in North Dakota. The winter was brutal. It sounds like you work in a scientific field as well. Do you mind if I ask what you do? I have been working in nuclear pharmacies and or pet sites for 25 years.

    RussKish ·
    Kyle, Does your rotary broom have the wheels on it? If so, what is the width of the fork and the wheels? I'm wonder if the deck wheels from the 60" would work.
    moper1rr ·
    Thanks for your reply on the flyball video. I will follow your advice on said gasket. $20 for a cardboard outline seemed excessive but I will bite the bullet. Looking forward to the video and beginning the project. Thanks Mark C
    moper1rr ·
    Hi mrbeef. Looking for an update on your video series for the "318 flyball repair". Need some motivation to get this task started on my 1987 318. I found a steel spider spacer. Thinking of making my own timing cover gasket. I can see you've been busy around your property. The American flag looks proud all lit up. Thanks.
    otis24 ·

    I am about to aquire a 1964 John Deere 110 garden tractor. It has the mower deck, a blade attachment and a snowblower. Another member said that you have a video/tutorial on how to attach the snowblower. Do you still have that video? Is it something that you could share with me?

    Thank you in advance!

    peksav44 ·
    I recently rebuild my B43G in my 318 using your awesome vids. I would like to also rebuild the hydro. I have read some manuals but I'm not so good at following them. Have you made any vids on rebuilding a 318 hydro? If not, could you?
    RussKish ·
    Hey Beef, I have 420 with a Onan P220g spec c engine that is over heating, that I'm chasing my tail on. Can we talk on the phone? I'm down to carb or engine going.
    steddy ·
    Hi, Kyle-
    Pondering this, and your name kind of came to mind. I know you're a Deere guy, so I might be able to use your help and expertise on this one. Didn't know if you had seen this or not.

    Please can you take a look and post up your thoughts? I figured also you might know of a link to an exploded diagram so I can see what parts I might need should I decide to undertake this project.

    ractar28 ·
    HELP! Okay, I just got a 318 and really like your youtube videos. However, I need help on how to post here.

    Do y'all prefer a single long thread with a bunch of different questions as they come up (which seems like it will lose readership since no one wants to read "my 318 thread" to see if there are any questions they can answer), or a new thread per question, which may also get tedious to read?
    donbowman14 ·

    I liked your video on the 7 Iron vs 62C decks, would it be fair to say that the older 60" deck from the 4X5 and 400-430 era were in between those two? I have the 445 and 430 both with a 60" (wish I had the 50' and 54", but that's another story) and it seems they have some of the features of the 7 Iron, rolled edges, the corner wheels and such, plus both are 300# and 367# respectively, so says wherever I got that info. Obviously the 7 Iron has the technology of a newer age. But your video almost made it sound like the 62C was a big step down.....still good, but down I mean 10 gauge to 7 gauge. Also is that why it is called the 7 Iron?

    Thanks for the informative videos, I'm still in learn mode.

    JakeNY ·
    I hadn't seen the house rules, so sorry about having that safety bypass in my post. I now know the rules.
    BTW- love your videos on YouTube.
    biker3777 ·
    I was thinking about you and the 1445 and an AC for it,I leased a Kia Sorento and it has electric AC in it,no belts and they tell me it's a heat pump,it's no bigger than halt a shoebox,it works great and also has electric steering and it doesn't impress me,it kinda like tacking a sailboat,what ever direction you turn the wheel it stays ,unlike a conventional steering centering itself.
    chemteck29 ·
    Hey there Mr. Beef,
    I went and looked at a 318 yesterday and thanks to your video I at least had some clue what I was looking at. I just had a question. I'll qualify it by saying it was a non starting unit. I went to turn the steering wheel and got nothing, just turned and turned with no response from the wheels. The guy selling it said it was because the unit had sat for 2 years and the power steering lost pressure. Does this sound accurate or is the guy BSing me? It's in "ok" shape best I can tell without it running, but that doesn't mean much. The guy said he's pretty sure it's the pick up coil that went bad in it. How much fun is that to change? It's an 1987 with a P218 in it. It cranked over fine with no unusual clunks or clanks and the oil while not new, wasn't terrible. The directional lever for the transaxle was a little stiff, but not froze up. My gut tells me I should pass on it, but you know these machines way better than I, so I thought I'd ask your opinion.
    North Dakota 322 ·
    I heard through the grapevine that you changed the tires on your X 748 what size are they if they would fit on my 322 which you consider trading 6 inch front wheel weight John deere brand for the tires
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