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  • mikeboggess ·
    Craftsman chainsaw 3.3 mdl.358356322 w/Walbro carb. HD49. Runs 2 sec. and dies, carb has been rebuilt, new fuel line installed, new spark plug, compression is 150#'s, discovered saw will run with fuel cap removed. Help please. The badriverboys wanna' know.
    mikeboggess ·
    17.5 Tecumseh, put new "bowl kit" on a month ago because of engine surging, motor ran fine, then . . . . . . . . it quit runnin' all of a sudden. Turns over, is getting spark (I found out the hard way,if you know what I mean. It was a shocking experience.) squirted some either in carb and no cough, sputter, . . . . . nuthin'. Have not run comp. check yet, any idears? The badriverboys wanna' know.
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