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  • Kudu63 ·
    Sorry I just found your response - it went to my spam folder. I have downloaded the docs. Thanks again for all your help.
    martincom ·
    Sorry, somehow I missed your message. The 16" arm is a special order. I'd suggest you email the fellow whose name and address I listed in the WFM Post:

    Wiper Motor for a John Deere (Fimco) Cab 4X5 and Others?
    Bart_1959_Dodge ·
    Could you furnish a little more help with your solution for the Femco Cab on your JD? I'm looking for the 16" Pantograph Wiper Arm, PN: NN29674 from Mill's Supply but I don't see it listed on their website. BTW, Nice Daytonas... I miss mine alot.
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