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  • Mach-1 ·
    Hi Gary,

    I don't have an electronic template that I can post. Fortunately, they are very easy to make. I just got a white piece of 99-cent posterboard from walmart and made a template with it. I took the shoe off and taped the posterboard to the side of the blower. I traced the outside and holes. Then I took the posterboard to a local metal shop and they were able to use it as a template to make the side plates. The same template will work for both sides of the blower.
    FordTractors ·
    Showed the side plates for your blower to a friend and he liked them a lot. He is not a member and not computer literate. He is a good guy and was wondering if you could send the templates to him by snail mail or other suggestions.

    Thanks and great job.

    rapidralph ·
    Mach-1, I was curious about your avatar name. Anything to do with a Mustang?
    I've got a '70 Mach 1, 351 cleveland w/AOD!
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