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  • Lawnboy77 ·
    Glad you got the decals. How are things going with the project? I am so used to using the PM format I forget to check this message board.
    LB7022 ·
    Wow! You went to the trouble of having them made! That's pretty serious, Rex! :) Yes, I am restoring it because I really like the way it cuts and the way it has lasted. When I get something that works well, I do my best to keep it and keep it running.
    I appreciate the decals, but will be happy to send money for 'em. You may want to have some more made sometime.
    I go through Abilene from time to time and will coordinate with you to see if you're schedule is open for an engine. I don't want to dispose of a perfectly good engine that I or someone might need sometime. I doubt that I'll live long enough to wear out this recently acquired engine, but we'll see. Still don't plan to throw it away.
    Thanks for your help on the decals. I'm tearing the 7022 down tomorrow to get ready for the powder coater. I really like powder coated stuff.
    Talk to you later . . .
    Lawnboy77 ·
    Yeah I have the decals for your shroud and I will mail them off to ya. It's no charge, I can't even remember what it cost me to have these made, but it wasn't much. I am just glad that you are restoring this old machine.

    I wouldn't mind rebuilding your engine for ya, except that I have alot of projects going on and don't know how long it would be before I could get to it. If you are ever passing through Abilene and want to drop it off to have an estimate done on what parts I think you need, feel free to do so, I am pretty slow at this stuff, may take a week or so, just to give you the estimate. My cell number is 325 668-3613
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