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  • LawnBoy2ndToNone ·
    No problem Rex. I don't get out of the walk behind section too much further than maybe the Tool Shed section. I nominated you after watching your youtube videos again. You do a great job and have a beautiful piece of property.
    LawnBoy2ndToNone ·
    Thanks a lot! I also ordered some hi-temp lab metal on ebay, they have some good prices on there right now. I was able to get a 14oz can of the lab metal, and 16oz can of the thinner shipped to my house for $53. I can't thank you enough for all the great advice!
    LawnBoy2ndToNone ·
    I checked out tulsa engine warehouse like you told me to about the piston set that I need for my d433. I was looking at the picture and it looks like it has 3 rings? It's part number 34-1027. Is this the one I need without going to a 16:1 oil mix? Have you used one from there?
    LB7022 ·
    "For the shroud decals, I can supply you with those, just PM me with your address and I will mail them to you."

    So, you have these letters for the brick-top? Be glad to send you th' money if you'll give me your address, too.

    BTW, what would you suggest for my "old" engine? I want to get it fixed, re-built, or whatever, so it can be used by either me or someone.

    If you know someone on the board who is good at reworking these engines and likes to do it, would you point me that-a-way? I'd rather have someone from the board work on it than chance a local who might or might not know what they're doing.

    Sure appreciate all y'all who are so willing to help out dumb guys like me! I wish I knew how to take these engines apart and put 'em back together and have 'em run better, but that isn't likely to happen! :-(

    Thanks again for your help. Oh, and my address is:

    Terry Tillman
    12304 N. FM 179
    Shallowater 79363

    Be sure to give me yours, too, okay?

    Lawnboy77 ·
    The book I have shows this model, 7252, as lime green, now I don't know if this color is what we call on the forum as mint green or not. Let me post a thread out there and we will see what the other folks say, someone out there probably knows what color it is and can also give us a color name by Duplicolor or Rustoleum that will match the Lawnboy lime green.
    cityboy ·
    Hello, you seem to know alot about LB's do you think you can help me out with some color issues. ie what shade of green come on the 1964 7252 mower.

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