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    Hi Larry,
    Just wondering if you have talked to Rob lately? Been trying to check in on him and have had no luck reaching him...

    X748SE ·

    Thanks for the info about the length and weight of your forks. If possible can you forward me the size of the rectangular tube and wall thickness that HH used to build them.

    Thanks in advance,

    snowblower ·
    I need to clear my thread '4 speed log splitter' (for reasons of technological disclosures), but I can not do it by me.

    Thank you,
    badgerland01 ·
    If you can get that bucket extender loaded in your truck, and please have someone else load it for you, I can meat you on hwy 20 west of rockford. What time are you going thru that area? Thanks, Dan.
    SWIGIN ·
    Hi, I seen that you offered up a set of 79 Bronco manuals. I would be interested but I having problems sending you a private message.
    northbama ·
    Hello Larry I knew there was something I like about you from your posts. I am also a retired electrician. My career was in industrial controls installation and repair.
    dreiwone ·
    I'm italian and I'm very interested to buy the Bedford Bucket same at your!!! Can you send me some informations and prices? TKS Regards
    You're right about it being nasty stuff. Haven't had it this bad in a long time. Believe it or not I had just started a major re-organizing of my garage then I got sick, Missing out on some nice days that I could be getting something done. Took the insurance off the Mustang last Friday. When I feel better I need to get it cleaned up and covered for the winter. Got my Dr. to phone in some meds yesterday afternoon. Hopefully they wil knock this out quick now. Don't know about the 1000 posts. Can't sit here very log right now.
    Hostaman ·
    Take care of yourself Larry, the flu this year is some nasty stuff. My wife is a teacher and she has a lot of students out right now. I know that you have to take these health issues more seriously these days. The work bench can wait and I was just kidding.

    Good luck with the FEL but you've got plenty of time later to deal with that.

    Feel better soon,
    You are right about the mess. I'm a little under the weather at the moment. Started Monday evening and feels like the flu. I am suppose to hook up with Pete Liskey this weekend and pick up my Mini FEL. Hope I'm better by then, we are living on borrowerd time with the weather.
    Hostaman ·
    Looks like you will easily hit 1,000 posts by your 3 month date. It better snow soon so you will have something else to do.

    By the way, clean you bench, it's a mess, haha.
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