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  • okddavissr5754 ·
    Well have some serial numbers not sure if can read one on 4000 ,841 is readable and some garden tractors I have the front axle pic is there also and motor #s ,and Sherman number on top cover have manual steering rebuilt.need to adjust pressure plate fingers hopefully through steering hole then can see if reversing or high /low anyway if can tell anything on 4000 would help on better manual have I T manual would like to get one that shows more haven't worked on tractors don't know what things look like and things are missing which doesn't help thanks hope not imposing Danny
    okddavissr5754 ·
    Hi Kirk thin Danny okddavissr5754 you posted on my post 801/4000 going to try and post some pics if can figure it out .well need to figure out how to add pics to msg will add when can
    dmjfairchild3 ·
    Hi kirk, my name is david, and yes i am intersted in that radiator and lower hood mount for the 9n if you would look for me that would be great, if you do, would you please contact me via e-mail, or by phone, i dont get much chance to get on here.
    [email protected]
    NashRanch ·
    Hi much for the curved metal piece?
    I also need the stop and wing nut.
    send me your name and address
    And ill send you a check.

    Michael Nasholm
    37826 M J Chase Rd.
    Springfield, OR
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