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  • Kbeitz ·
    Sold mine... I've had about 12 tractors since that one... I like to try them all out...
    I have parts for one if your looking..
    Kbeitz ·
    As far as I know all the parts are original except the engine. But the extra engine is the original. Other bradley is home... I'll check out your GT18..
    Thanks. Kevin
    oldmanmopar ·
    Kevin its Steve . I bought the David Bradleys. If you go to my posts you will see the sears GT18 we restored. I can't wait until we start on the bradley. I will be up for many more tractors soon. Your collection over the years is amazing. My son loves the standard. How much of the standard is original parts? Call me when the other bradley gets there. 610-533-9917 Thanks Steve
    Bohica97 ·
    Hi myname is Ryan I had made a post about a tractor i bought cause i dont know what it is. I was given your user name and was told you might be able to help me. What I do know about the tractor is it says Red E on it and has a Wisconsin engine. I have never herd of or seen one before so any help is help. Thanks Ryan
    I dont know why it wont let me put the pic i have of it in this message but if your up for looking its on the only post ive made.
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