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  • JBible ·
    Hello 2 Green Thumbs.
    I’m sorry I just saw this message on My Tractor Forum this morning. I’m pretty sure I have responded to you previously but just in case I haven’t I wanted to let you know I have published a technical article on My Tractor Forum that shows the drawings and pictures of how the brackets are made and I included the CAD drawing for the brackets that you can take to any machine shop with a cutting machine to make life easy for you. Let me know how the loader attachment goes.

    2 Green Thumbs ·
    Hello J,
    I have just purchased a x738 and would like to put my 45 Loader from my x728 on it. A coworker mentioned your post about templates you have made for the conversion of the cross brace, I'm very interested in hearing more about them. I would be willing to pay for templates if necessary, obviously you spent tons of time creating them. Thank you
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