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  • donbowman14 ·
    hey buddy, you see this 140 for sale up there in GA? I want to buy it, but shouldn't I need someone else to buy it quick before I scrap up that kind of $$$
    cobra445 ·
    Hey there, this is Cobra445, you posted on the forum about a fella looking for a 445 455 and you mentioned you had a 455 down south for sale. I already have the 40 loader, so if you wanted to sell that seperately I wouldnt mind. Are you still selling this 455? Could you send me some info pictures, history? I head down to myrtle golfing in march and could through a trailer on our f150 and make it a road trip. What town are you located in ? Let me know what you think...... and also throw a price at me and we can work something out. thanks
    Email me if you want at [email protected] or text / call me at 508 769 9261
    inspectorudy ·
    Unfortunately I just sold it to a gentleman named Donny Hammond. His e-mail address is
    Donny Hammond <[email protected]>
    I am sure he will be glad to help you out with the measurements. That thing is pretty complex and I am sure the dimensions and the hole placements are critical.
    the_nite_owl ·
    Do you still have the Johnson Model 10 loader?
    I have one of these that is missing the mechanism for tilting the bucket and desperately need some measurements so that I can make my own.
    I need the lengths of each piece of angle iron, how far up one piece of angle iron is welded on the other and how far from the ends of each piece the holes are for mounting and for the end of the hydraulic cylinder.
    Also, the length of the hydraulic cylinder so that I can check that mine is the correct size.

    I have been trying to build the mechanism but my guesses have been off and I do not get much forward tilt and the cylinder binds. Someone on other site said they would take measurements for me but it has been 4 weeks now and I am in a hurry to get this loader into use.

    Any chance you can help me out?
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