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  • Winter Wheat ·
    Thank you GT 80 after comparing pictures with an original 3 point hitch Larry's photo is different.I didn't know there was a "Sears Cat."Thanks again for the info.
    amccullers ·
    Hey GT, I've got a question.
    I've got a Sears SS12 model 917-25510 and by your manuals page that is a 1968 Super 12 (SS12) are there different models of the 12 in that year? The reason I ask is that I have found a mower and want to make sure I have the right brackets already on the tractor. I have added pictures to my post titled Need Some Help with SS12, also on that post is the model number of the mower.

    SuburbanRick ·
    James did you ever get a chance to measure tote box banana?
    Thanks for your help Rick
    Ps I found two more SS12s today LOL
    renelson177 ·
    Well the old girl may get another chance, the Husq GT52XLS/Kohler KT745 is good for ~45 minutes mowing then acts like it's not getting fuel. Dealer says 'not the fuel pump', we'll have to get it in to look at it. I'm pretty PO'd $1000 +/- engine work on the OH140 is looking pretty fair right now.

    Below is a brief inventory:
    Sears Hydro-Trac Chassis AYP-Roper 917.25400 sn 1507
    Sears Hydro-Trac Engine Tech OH140
    Sears Hydro-Trac Sundstrand Hydrogear 9C 2054 (spare unit complete)
    Sears 42” 917.253150 /mule, brackets and belt
    Sears 48” 917.253161 /mule, brackets and belt
    Sears 14” moldboard plow 917.253020
    Sears Snow blower 917.251820

    Everything was in daily operating condition when last used. In addition an extra operational mule drive, spare mower deck mandrels, bearings, grease cups, blades, belts, pto cover and brackets, tie-rod ends, steering gear, seat spring, tire chains, etc. etc.

    I was thinking $1000 but the Husq hassle may decide it.
    renelson177 ·
    Hi James, I posted about parting with my HydroTrac and your comments gave me much to think about. I do love the old girl but I think that hobby, one I spent almost 30 years on, has run it's course. Time to move on.

    Agreed, I want it to go to someone who can and will appreciate the tractor. I've gotten a little interest locally but I'm really at a loss to put a value on the stuff I've collected. Your dating makes sense. The first owner said he thought it was a '67 so that's what I ran with.

    I'm not intending on getting rich off this stuff, in fact I don't feel the old girl owes me anything as it served me well for almost 30 years, but I really don't want to get taken advantage of. I'd just like to have a little better idea of what a reasonable value range would be.

    Too bad you're so far away or I could make a donation to your addiction, nice line up you have going there. You do need an orange Hydro.

    I do appreciate any knowledge you're willing to share.
    Regards, Roger
    elsimon ·
    I posted a question on the attachment forum regarding he difference between a Sears cart and a Craftsman cart. Can you look over that post and give me some advice?

    Darrell S.
    johnnyu ·
    looking for parts list and repair manuals for sears 917.25510 can you help? l am going to restore it l hope.Also need to start looking for parts any suggestion on a good place to start?
    elsimon ·
    James, When you painted your 18/6 you used Cat yellow Rustoleum. What color did you use for the hood and rims? is it the same color for both? Is that factory?

    Darrell S.
    elsimon ·

    I am in a dilemma. I am looking at a Gannon earthcavator. How much do these weigh? Can they be used with a manual 3pt hitch or do you have to use an electric 3pt? What is a typical price to pay for an electric 3pt and what could I expect to pay for the earthcavator?

    Darrell S.
    bullashe ·
    heya i didnt ask about the lower grill because if igured thats a part that always gets lost. if you wanna give me your address i could send you a money order for shipping. should be able to get that in a 10 dollar flat rate box.or if you have some other idea lemme know.
    i do have the one from larrybl on reserve atm i did that before you posted you have it.
    TractorBob ·
    Hi James, I was just wondering how to put up a poll. I tried a couple of different ways but couldn't figure it out. I was going to put a poll up in the backyard round table section to see how many of us have or don't have supporting spouses for our tractor addiction or fever. It made me curious after reading another thread over there by madddog titled, "OK, so this is crazy, am I getting sick?" Thanks Bob
    ericwest ·
    disregard my previous message...I got the manual from your site..AWESOME SITE!..the problem was my screen was 600 x 800...very low...and the manual list would not show up in the left window with this low resolution...I increased the resolution of my monitor..and WOW! works..and I have some great information!!
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