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  • Father Deerest ·
    Yeah just sending out some price feelers, couple offers a little too close to asking. I don't want to sell unless they hit the magic number but they are getting close. How's that hydro 49 coming? I want to see that in action!!
    GreenGabby ·
    The manuals are Deere manuals so I am sure they are Deere copyrighted. Last night I found CTM3 (Yanmar diesel engines in Deere machines) available on the internet and shared with MTF member. He loved it (718 pages and extremely technical) but again it was a Deere manual.

    It sounds like I will not be sending you these manuals due to copyright. But how about me sharing them with other members. I do not mind sharing them but do not want to get MTF in trouble. If I do not share them through MTF website does that clear you?

    Fully of questions, ain't I?

    DJ in WV ·
    Hi Gabby. Glad you joined us. If I am not mistaken, WFM is primarily a JD site. I know that JD is rather strict concerning their manuals and copyrights. If the manuals that you have are copyrighted, we cannot put them on our site as JD will ask us to take them down. If they are not copyrighted material, I will happily and gratefully post them in our Reference Library.

    If you choose, you can send them to my email at [email protected] and I will get them posted up.

    Thank you and I hope to hear from you,

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