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  • turboaudi80 ·
    how much for the ugly plow you advertised and a quick hitch? That green one is cool, but I need a deal more than cool look. I'd like to unload my 318, but I can't until I either make an adapter for my plow current to work on my 425 or buy a new plow.
    Oconee1868 ·
    Hello, Please Help ... I am new to the forum. I have 3 Sears Suburban Tractors , 1976, 1974,
    1978. Do you know any sources for parts including mower deck mandrels .... [email protected]
    Thanks, Please forgive if I am not using forum correctly.
    mtn199 ·
    Saw your thread about your 317 with an Onan and was hoping you could tell me how your oil pan drain is set up. The machine I have has the two drain plugs (front and right side) but I don't want to pull the engine to drain the oil.
    I have the original installation paperwork (done at a Deere dealership) and it doesn't say anything about a drain valve, neither does the Deere parts catalog.
    Any information or advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

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