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  • forkz ·
    hey gerrard check out the car forum didnt wanna hi jack tread so put some on checker there history and a guy that restores them
    fireant911 ·
    Where the heck are you at? I have not seen any posts from you in the last ten days or so. Hopefully, you are busy with getting your machine back together!
    Daryl G
    Greg in WV ·
    Hey, just saw your post. I live in Huntington too. Actually about 5 miles south of Kenova. You going to the mow-in? It's a great time, for a lot f reasons (not just Gravely's).
    Gerrard ·
    Thanks thats what I was gonna ask (about Richards in Spencer) I saw them on the net and they seem to actually have stuff in stock, I will drive up there soon when I get a "free paycheck" (once a month or so that I can spend) Anyhow Im in Huntington. Ive had the bug all my life because all I did as a youngster is mow w/a Gravely, I bought this one for my son at his place he bought after getting back from Iraq and I wanna fix it up so it last at least 15 or so yrs. All they had at Dunbar for it was a [email protected] 18.06, plug [email protected], head [email protected], oil [email protected] gasket attachment @3.64, muffler (only)@11.52 and a #3076 [email protected]! (returned it today). Thanks for the reply, will keep you posted on my thumb-buster resto job. lol.
    DJ in WV ·
    Welcome Garrard. Are you around the Charleston metro area? I'm in the southeast corner between Lewisburg and Beckley.

    Congrats on the Gravely. Before it's over, you'll be bitten by the bug too. Trust me on that one.

    I've been by the shop in Dunbar. I know where it is though and I heard talk on here that part of it is actually in part of the old factory. I hate to hear of your experience though. I've not heard anything about them either way until you so I don't know if that's common or not. The only dealer I deal with is Richard's in Spencer, WV. Those guys are the best and will have stuff shipped to you the next day if you call them early enough in the day.
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