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  • turboaudi80 ·

    I saw your pictures and I'm curious about your opinion on tires. I Just picked up a 425 that I'm building a FEL for. I also plan to use it for mowing. How would you rate the AG's compared to the HDAP's for all around use? I have a 318 now and it has weighted turf tires and they beat up my lawn where are make sharp turns around trees. I suspect it is because they are weighted. I'm also considering those ribbed tiers for the front, and wonder if they make a big improvement plowing. I assume that's your add for the 425 on CL. It looks great. I wish I had the cash to grab it.

    I'm also in the process of designing a detached garage and the few pics of yours I saw look really cool. Would you be willing to B.S. sometime about shop design/features?

    I'm just down in Sturbridge. Feel free to call or text if that is easier. 860-593-2814

    CCMoe ·

    I noticed your 455 has bolt on front tires, wheels off a newer Deere?

    I also noticed the revised reverse pedal, how do you like that?

    One other thing, I also noticed hydraulic hookups at the rear of your machine. Are these your mods?

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