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  • fred of fern hill farm ·
    hi folks,
    i'm getting ready to do this years bushhogging, the first mistake was putting in some gas, from what i thought was a clean gas can; therefor the hood and gas tank has been removed and the tank cleaned, the sediment bowl and all line have been blown out and i was ready to re-install. but while the hood is off........
    i rebuilt the '47 8n engine last year. it has about 80 hours on it. i notice this spring that one of the head bolts was emitting fumes, and later i checked the radiator and the h2o was low.
    i've since read somewhere, that i should remove one head bolt at a time and put on some thread goop or teflon tape; then retorque to close to its foot/pounds; then after doing this to all of them, go back in recommended sequence and torque to 65 ft/pd.
    does this sound correct? when i was doing the rebuild, i don't remember reading anything about needing to goop the head bolts.

    thanks, david
    fred of fern hill farm ·
    we have adopted a '47 8n, in need of tlc. it and i both need help.
    i would like to thank phillip b. for all the effort he put in to getting me here. i am not internet savvy.
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