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  • dragonslayr ·
    Hi DJ,,, I was reading your post of 2010 regarding your JD 950 Power Steering problem. I recently purchased a 950 WITHOUT PS and didn't even think about it until I was in a situation where I NEEDED it. I WILL be adding a PSA somehow as soon as I can. The only other problem I have experience with this tractor in that I cannot properly "feather" the FEL in down, (drops like a rock!) and someone here mentioned a tiny lever under the seat but unfortunately after I managed to free it up it had zero effect on the problem. Have you dealt with this? Also; what was the original problem which you had to address by splitting your case? Thank you very much, Walt~ [email protected]
    yzf125 ·
    Hi, How do I edit a classified add I placed ? I have wrong info and see no way to edit !

    Thanks for your help
    Gerrard ·
    Hey D.J. in WV, I dont know exactly what kind of message board this is or if its a PM or what but I just saw a list of some of your Gravelys and was wondering if you would want to part with an old L model (thats the ones I like, like mine or close)? Or if you know where one is for sale, but if you knew Im sure you would own it already right ? lol.
    I know there has to be some around here and drive 400 miles a day in some rural places but who knows whats in the 100 barns I see every day ya know?
    I guess Im gonna post some wanted adds on cork boards at the feed & seeds I pass and that couldnt hurt. I can always come up with about $300 for an old beater but come the first week in Feb. I will have more to get one with but would hate to spend to much on a 60' model L ya know. Well just thought I'd ask because all the ones on the net seem to be in Pennsylvania or Maryland, must have been a lot of Gravely dealerships there, and I work a 1/2 mile from Dunbar ! Thanks, Gerrard
    beaner2u ·

    I have created a pdf document about the T head fan assembly, including breakdown photos.

    I cannot seem to attach it here. If you have any interest send me an email, [email protected] and I will send a copy.

    Roger Beno
    vinnimac ·
    Hello, recently bought a Gravely and recieved numerous original manuals with it. How do I go about sharing scanned images of them?
    nealkas ·

    I have Free Printed Honda HT3813 plus Accessory Manual, Spiral bound.
    Has the snow blower, grass catcher, and other accessory manuals too.

    As I've used MTF many times, I'm happy to donate.

    Regards, neal.
    diggerwp ·
    Hello DJ.
    Thanks for all the work u did on the TroyBilt serial numbers.
    I have posted a question and some pix --- but no one has cleared up the issue. Since you are the expert -- I would appreciate if you looked at the photo of the serial no and confirm what Horse I have. It looks like they were punched by hand.. ...
    Thanks so much.
    Gerrard ·
    Hello DJ, Im a fellow West Virginian. Im new on here and dont get on forums much but I bought a Gravely Im wanting to fix-up to give to my son, its a 1966 model "L". Anyway have you ever visited the Polaris/Gravely shop in Dunbar W.Va.? If you did I hope your experience was better than mine.
    Roy1 ·
    Any body have any experience with the landpride scraper/grader. I am looking to purchase one to grade drive ways. Is the a good way to go for the money spent. I was considering a box scraper or a York rake but this seems like the best way to grade most drives with out spending thousands, agree? Thanks
    80sDweeb ·
    It's pretty big to email, here's a link to a spot I put it online: Ferguson MF135 Operator's Manual (from 1974).pdf

    I also found some brochure pages on a site in Europe, and made them into pdf files: Ferguson 135-150-165 USA Brochure (pre-1973).pdf Ferguson 135-150 USA Brochure (1972-1973).pdf

    Some of the tractor sites don't put much emphasis on sharing these types of materials, because they're sponsored or owned by companies that sell repro manuals (while I believe that manuals this old should be free.)

    Scott in Brighton NY
    80sDweeb ·
    Hi, I couldn't find an operator's manual for a Massey Ferguson 135, so I bought one on eBay and I scanned it to a PDF file. Would you like to add it to your site? I'd like to make it available as many places as possible, helps it feel like it was worth the effort.
    BolenHusker ·
    Thank you for the great collection of manuals! Is there one of these that contains an operation manual for the 770?
    Thank you, Todd
    edinottawa ·
    Hi DJ; having solved the mystery aerator problem, I have a Ryan "SpikeAire" manual and a drawing that I can send you for the archive.
    swassermann ·
    HI DJ,

    I have a parts manual and an operator's manual for a TYM 603 if you'd like to add them to the library. Let me know where to send them if you'd like them.

    edinottawa ·
    Hi DJ, At the request of "my_crib_too" (Bruce?) I posted today a bunch of pictures and backstory of a Canada?? model Lawn-Boy Commercial model CC21ZPN. If you need any more info let me know.

    regards, ed
    who is turning into a Massey F. junkie. I'm trying to figure out how to move an MF16, blower, blade, mower, tiller and spare 16 Kohler engine from Alberta to Ottawa without spending a zillion dollars on a commercial mover. Call me insane, yep, go ahead.
    JMS ·
    Thanks for the welcome. I think it was only 2 hours? Didn't take you long at all. Definitely excited to learn here. Already have a nibble on the snow plow I'm looking for! :) Really appreciate the recommendation!
    JMS ·
    I'm the Gravely 8123 guy that enjoyed your snow plowing video on YouTube. Thanks for the suggestion for me to join this forum. Appreciate it.
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