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  • PEIDeerefan ·
    Congrats on the new tractor. Wow, nice upgrade, i am sure you will love it. Don't know of any cabs for sale, you may have to put an OTC cab on it. I wish you were right on next winters snow but i am pretty sure that you will need to use the new snowblower, maybe not as much as last winter. Maybe i will have to go visit you some day to check out the new toy.
    Whirly ·
    not much.... all we have been getting is 'dustins'.. 3 snowfalls were 2 inches or less.. they were more of a pain to remove.. have used my Sthil leaf blower more than the snow blower..
    jaynut ·
    the heater works great - usually have to trun it down after is gets warmed up. As for a tiller I really don't need one but if the price is right I might think about it
    ddd ·
    The Number Is On The Fraim Up Frount Near The Frount Tire.That Is What I Was Told But I Can Not Find Mine Eather.I Am Going Bu My Model Number On My Engine And Saying It Is A 1976.I Have A Blower,Grass Cutter,Cab.I Had A Tiller But I Sold It.
    Goatboy ·
    Hi David,

    Sorry for not responding sooner, this forum stuff is new to me. I honestly don't know what year my Ariens is! Somebody painted it red and I cant find a serial #. There's one on the engine, but I haven't tried to trace it yet. I think it might be a '71 cause that # is in there. The tractor is awesome! I own about 20 tractors, 8 of which are in good running condition, some under repair and some in the junk yard. The Ariens is the biggest, baddest, strongest of them all (not counting my big IH farm tractor). I just wish I could find more implements to fit it. I passed on some at auction a month ago and am regretting it now. Ayways I will try to post some videos of the Ariens pulling stuff (thats all it can do right now till I fix the deck) I pulled a garden shed last weekend with it! Tried my Allis Chalmers first and it wouldn't budge. Ariens no problem!

    My name is Ben, I'm 31 years old and I'm addicted to tractors.
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