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  • Tencubed ·
    Tempstar used to be made by the Colman Company. Good equipment but they started having longevity problems. If the service and installing outfit is reputable that counts for a lot.

    I really prefer units that have the old style analog controls and avoid the ones with circuit boards. Gensco equipment here in the Pacific North West is reliable if you can find a good dealer. Last unit I put in was a couple years ago in a rental house my son owns. It seems to be doing fine.

    A lot of the hype about energy efficiency is more advertising than fact. If a unit has a SEER of 8 or over your going to be hard pressed to show much in the way of power savings with a fancy digital setup. And the cost of one circuit board will eat up any savings in a hurry.

    Hope this is coming out OK, I'm on my I-phone. Mighty small screen for old eyes and a tiny keyboard for these sausage fingers.

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