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  • BillyR ·
    Brad could you please send me the wiring sketch for the STX38 starter fix. One more thing do you know the part number or whatever for the relay that you used? Thanks a lot man and thanks for your generous sharing of helpful information. BillyR
    steveeh ·
    My Johndeere lt 190 is slowing down, esp on hills. Any suggestions on how to change the tranny fluid for a starter?
    Trac man ·
    I'm from Hawaii, Aloha

    I to am slow at where to find how to post. Sorry I'm part of the the crowed before me. TY for all you do for everyone. Your service to us all is appreciated. I be lost in some ways without your help. Love and blessing to you all and yours. TY again for your help and service.
    Bolivar5 ·
    Hi Brad: I just joined. I posted an Intro. Now wish to post a regular message but do not see a "post message" option close to the message box. Where is it please?

    Thank you very much-Paul (Bolivar5)
    Aggie 73 ·
    Brad, As you know I'm new to the site. Am I able to post a question, and if so how do I start a post. I've been looking for 15 minutes.

    steinertractor ·
    Hi Brad, there is a lawn mower question in the Steiner Tractor Parts forum. Can you move it over to Lawn & Garden so the fella can get some help? Thanks for all you do!!
    hyena ·
    Hi Brad,
    Could you please delete the snapper for sale post (post number 23) in the walkbehinds for sale and wanted thread? Thanks.
    b12 ·
    Hi Brad
    I am not receiving email notifications of post responses of threads that I am subscribed too.
    I checked under "Your Control Panel" and my subscription mode is set for instant email notification.
    Have not received any email notifications for at least 4-5 days.

    thank you
    b12 ·
    Hi Brad
    I am not receiving email notifications, of post responses, of threads that I am subscribed to. I have not received any for at least 4 or 5 days.

    thanks you
    ChasBe ·
    Brad: I want to post a page from the JD parts manual that has my superimposed hand written notes on it into a thread that I started so as to help others better understand what I am talking about. I note the tool bar above this message has a "insert image", when I go there it opens a box about a "URL". My file was developed by copying the page from the JD Manual, jotting some notes on it and the scanning it into my computer and saving it. If I could attach it to this message I would , but don't know how to do that thanks, call me 262 242 1385 if that's more convenient, I am around all day Thanks Chuck
    Hummer.2012 ·
    Hi Brad, I hope you can help me with this.

    I've seen some messages in the JD forum for company's selling stuff like LED lights or now the mower deck dolly. I wanted to know how or even if I can post something about a non-profit group I volunteer for. has a second site called The 2 sites are exactly the same as far as login, orders made, cart and items available to buy. Sort of the same room just different doors to come into the room.

    The difference is allows you to have amazon donate .005 percent of your order to a non-profit registered group. The group I volunteer for is already registered. It is White Paws German Shepherd Rescue. We are out of Green Bay, WI. I know our members purchase a lot of items and it would really help our rescue if members would log into the site and select us as their non-profit. You only have to select us once and you are good to go.

    Can you help me with this?
    MF283 ·
    Good Morning Brad,

    We have been missing NGaMule on the Weather Station the past few weeks which is unusual & have no way of reaching him other than PM's.
    Is it going out of the way if ya'll have his email to send one to see if everything is OK?

    Loftus ·
    Hi Brad,
    Sound like a broken record here - I have completed the registration now I would like to post a problem i have and get some sound advice from the people who are on this incredible site.
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