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  • David Sick ·
    Sorry, I haven't been paying attention to the forum much lately. $75 doesn't sound bad if it's in decent condition. Possibly we could meet up someplace along your route. I presume somewhere in Pa. A bit south of me here in NY.
    David Sick ·
    Hi Joe, been quite busy. Hadn't realized that you had messaged me. Right off I don't know anyone looking for a tiller. Do you have any other Bolens attachments other than the blower? I really don't "need" more attachments but always ask anyway.
    David Sick ·
    Hello bontai Joe, Hope all is well with you. Doing ok here. Glad winter is almost gone. I appreciate the winter season a bit less every year. Maybe I ought to move a bit south when I retire. Just a thought. Do you still have the snow-blower? I am still interested if you do. No hurry!! Hopefully it will be a few months till we have any amount of snow again. Maybe this spring or summer we can meet up sometime. Regards, Dave
    JP Savage ·
    Hello bonti Joe,

    Scheduled to go to DME and get a new mask Jan 10. Just made a post about it in my CPAP thread.

    Found this blog on the net.

    It is about the Mirage Quattro full face mask. He starts out saying at first he did not think it was a very good mask. Then he figured out how to get it set up the right way.

    Do you have the time to go read it and let me know if you agree with what he says? Especially the part about leaving the fore head piece so loose.

    It is not too long if you do not read the replies after the article.

    Thanks, JP
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