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  • bigdodge ·
    Thanks for taking a quick look. I no its not gonna be a right on half scale. The tires are 31" the main frame is 2"x3" -3/16 and is around 13' long by 30" wide. I didn't really want all the hassel of shortening the axles up so I left them full with.

    The main part that I was wanting some advice on is the hydraulic drive. Is first I was wanting a top speed of 30 mph. However I thought more about that and after taking my atv for a ride and watching the speedo I have realized that is way to fast. I would be really happy with 10-15 mph. This will not be a on road truck. It's gonna be for car/tractor shows and to haul dirt and stuff around the house.
    TUDOR ·

    I scanned the first page of that link and see complications and overkill, I think. I didn't see any dimensions or expected weights, other than overly large diameter tires. A scaled down deuce and a half would have much smaller tires, but a GT scaled version could look OK with GT tires.

    Think about this (I've considered this at length as a project); a pair of Sundstrand Series 15 'U' hydros with the rear ends out of, as an example, JD400 tractors, with a 25 - 30 hp engine and 26x12-12 tires all around. That will give you a max load for the rear axles of 3000 lb and about a 9 mph top speed. Pulling power will be nothing to sneeze at, either.

    You could even go 6X6 with another hydro on the front end, but that's a job and a half for setting up steering. Maybe an all wheel steering rear hydro axle for the front end?

    Cargo capacity would be about a yard of gravel for the weight restriction of the axle capacities.

    I'll get back to that link tonight.

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