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  • kubotakid ·
    U seam so much like the barnabas attorney from the canidian cci forum? Is that u,.. the attorney from the cci site? Dont be shy,..Just say so..

    kubotakid USA
    attorney_barnabas_collins ·
    If you have a welder and a drill, it will fit. You have to fabricate a couple of brackets to fit the frame to the loader crossmember, then find a place to mount the supports in front. Then findf a place to mount the fluid resevoir. the pump will mount somewhere you can run a belt to it from youe engine pully. If you can find one that is off a Wheel Horse, you are good, but if you can find another model like a Sears or Deere 216 with a sideways engine, the brackets and hoses might be closer. The red tractor I have with a FEL is a massey/snapper with the front to back shaft driven engine, the yellow one is a cub 100, also with a front to back shaft driven engine. Not sure which you saw.
    I saw the pics of your tractor with the Kwik-Way loader on it and was wondering what model tractor it was. I have a Wheel Horse C-185 (Elec-Trak) that was designed to hold a Wright-Way loader (nearly identical to the Kwik-Way loader) and have been thinking of getting a Kwik-Way loader for a little while. However, I'm not sure that they support my tractor so I figured I might have to do a little fabrication work on it. Any advice you could throw my way about these loaders would be great!
    zufrieden ·
    you had a post some time ago about putting a hub on a 1" Mtd axle. I would like to do the same. Would you have a part number for the hubs you installed. Any help would be appreciated.
    fusebond ·
    I'm a new member of the forum and have a Farm King. I don't know how to find good used attachments like a front loader, an auger, and possibly a tiller, Can you aid me in this pursuit of restoring and working my Farm king, All help would be greatly appreciated.
    Cordially Yours
    Rob Modisette (8050 330-5329, La Grange, Ca
    attorney_barnabas_collins ·
    The wheel Horse Diesel is the product of someone fooling around long ago. The decals are very old, but they never made one, and it is a regular gas kohler 6hp.
    I don't know how many i have and I'm afraid to count.
    The Root is not only rare (the baby blue one in my avatar) but I got the 3 blade deck, the single row plow, and the drawbar and a dethatcher all original Root with it.
    The Craftsman RER is also very rare and I don't know how many came with factory dual wheels on the back but I probably have the last set.
    My favorite? Probably the Allis B-12 just because of the awesome bumblebee on a honeycomb decal, and it seems to be rock reliable.
    98Murray ·
    I have a few questions. How many tractors do you have, what is the most unique tractor you have, and what is your favorite tractor? From what I've seen your Wheel Horse diesel might be the most unique tractor you have. Also what is the most rare tractor you have/had?
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