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  • BigEric ·
    Tie Rods all done. I just need Spring now. Maybe a minor spline adjustment on one side yet but done. Thanks for the assist. I picked up a 76 408 this week. Let the tear down begin
    4x4Dad ·
    TUDOR got back to me . Apparently ( Gremlins ) creep into the systems from time to time . I'm Logging out, then back in and a few other User features to see if I can cure the problem . Never had this happen before . Thanks for the reply .

    4x4Dad ·
    Hi Sheldon ,

    Sorry to bother you , but something crazy is going on with the Tractor Forums . I can't seem to even bring up the Moderator Forum to report it . The forums link takes me to some photo gallery . I pulled up one of our old private messages to contact you that way . Was hoping you may have better luck reporting the problem . Other forums I frequent all seem to be working fine , that's why I thing it's a MTF problem .

    Thanks Rick .
    Joelk ·
    I saw a thread with photos of the underside of your Gravely deck. It has 2 blades per spindle.

    Is this the factory arrangement?

    Any issues with the blades shifting, spindle failure, etc?

    Thanks, Joel
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