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  • Ariens93GT20 ·
    I am bad about not checking messages. We do have it on the calendar and plan on attending. Hope to bring two tractors this year so the Ariens will not be alone.
    Dale X495 ·
    Ariens93GT20 do you think you can make our show this year? We would love to have you guys again, and your Ariens tractor too. I hope to have a tractor there that very few people even know that JD made. It is an electric rider that we are restoring for a guy, if I have it done it should be here. It is the Prototype for the electric JD mowers, and I have a second one to restore as well. We hope to do prizes again as well as a Fair boards pick with a trophy or plaque, not sure which they are doing. Hope to see you here.
    you can call me for info. 573-569-0753
    Dale Whitesell
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