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  • firefighter5143 ·
    Hey Andy, As usual nice to see you chiming in on the forum. I still browse it a few times a week but don't really chime in much. I got a few questions on this new Xl that I picked up and my other one is 300 miles away so I can't exactly compare their operations side by side. I was wondering if you could confirm a few things for me?

    1.) I swear on my diesel one the 4wd is engaged by lifting the 4wd handle up and then moving it forward of backward. This new tractor just goes forward and backward not up and down.

    2.) The lever to the left of the seat that controls which PTO is engaged. When in the rear only pto it sometimes doesn't shift into the other pto positions meaning the mid or both. but if I cycle the pto on for a second then it will shift just fine. But next time I turn the pto off it seems to not want to shift unless the pto stops in a certain position.

    3.) Do you have a FEL? If not get one :) lol.

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