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  1. mrbeef
    05-20-2017 04:44 PM - permalink

    Yes I would agree the 7-iron is in between the 60's on the older units and the 62C. In my experience the older 60 inch units are very nice cutting decks. The couple I have had always impressed me with their cut quality. I think the biggest issues with those decks now if just age...... I would love a 430 with 60" deck for around the house. I do think between the two decks (7-iron and 62C) the 62C is a big step down. Not that its a bad deck. Its a nice cutting deck. But when it comes to capacity and build the 7-Iron will will every time in my book. One of the things I could not catch on film is just the structure difference between the two. It is very striking and apparent in person. I think if you put a 62C up against a 60" from the 445 you would find the same thing. Yes, 7-iron for the 7 gauge steel.

    Glad you got some info out of the video!
  2. donbowman14
    05-19-2017 11:37 PM - permalink

    I liked your video on the 7 Iron vs 62C decks, would it be fair to say that the older 60" deck from the 4X5 and 400-430 era were in between those two? I have the 445 and 430 both with a 60" (wish I had the 50' and 54", but that's another story) and it seems they have some of the features of the 7 Iron, rolled edges, the corner wheels and such, plus both are 300# and 367# respectively, so says wherever I got that info. Obviously the 7 Iron has the technology of a newer age. But your video almost made it sound like the 62C was a big step down.....still good, but down I mean 10 gauge to 7 gauge. Also is that why it is called the 7 Iron?

    Thanks for the informative videos, I'm still in learn mode.

  3. donbowman14
    12-21-2016 08:18 PM - permalink
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