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  • TUDOR ·
    Hi Eric,

    In the stickies of the Hydraulics forum are several manuals on the principals of hydraulics if you want to learn something about the topic.

    For more speed, either a bigger pump or a smaller diameter cylinder.

    For more force, either more pressure or a larger diameter cylinder. Hydraulic components are rated for maximum pressure. DO NOT EXCEED!

    Option: Post your more specific questions in a thread in the Hydraulics forum. I'm on every night.

    Rydplrs ·
    I was wondering where you are located in maine?

    I have a 420/60 deck and might be interested in trading down to a 50".

    I am near Portland and only have 0.18 acres, the 60" is over kill, but i don't want an incomplete package if I decide to sell in the future
    biker3777 ·
    I hope you didnt get the china one,?its always to rebuild the Onan one,being where you live I think I would use the electric fuel pump from Kirk Engines,and then the motor would start up better.
    Shemp ·
    I have a 60 inch deck for my 420 that is too big for my needs. Are you serious about trading? Shipping might be an issue. I live near Chicago.
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