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Picking corn  Dec. 09

Picking corn Dec. 09

Oliver Super 88 Diesel. New Idea #1 picker

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Re: Picking corn Dec. 09

Now that is something you don't see every day.

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Re: Picking corn Dec. 09

I just finished servicing an Oliver Model 5 Corn Harvester (Single Row) for a friend of mine. He has a couple acres of organic corn and this year the foxtail took over as He was busy with his day job and only ran the cultivator once over it. His neighbor tried to pick it with a new Idea single but the rollers kept spooling up the foxtail and a twenty minute clean up would follow. After three clean ups, the neighbor gave up and left. He had only made about three passes and barely covered the bottom of the wagon. I decided to help out by fixing the Oliver that his brother had purchased last year. The machine was in a bad way and needed work last season prior to being used, but my friend is not mechanically inclined and hooked it up to a Ford Tractor and made a couple passes before the adjusting arm for the header broke and allowed the picker to tilt backwards. The Oliver's discharger chute slammed into the corn wagon, and the conveyor began to eat steel on the return run. One of the headerscame loose and got snatched by the grabber chain which in turn promptly snapped a link. Belts smoked and that was the end of the short lived oliver for 2012. I spent about 30 hours welding, cutting, adjusting and fabricating. Last Saturday I finshed it up and headed out after dark to try it out. The feild should be used for rice since it lays wet most of the time, but I gave it a shot while pulling the picker and a 3/4 full wagon (picked by hand) with my little Massey Ferguson 1145(Turbo) 4WD. I left the loader on for extra weight. The picker header opening is so wide I could almost grab two rows. I needs a little adjustment on front rollers as the right grabber tends to jam up if the header is set too low. I will post images this evening.

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