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Re: MVC-096X

Hmm--A peeping MOOSE!...
and it's a chocholate MOOSE too!..

Pretty neat,I've seen a Moose way up in NH,after a VW bus hit it,killed the two people in the bus,the moose had to be put down ,it had two broken legs..

We get a lot of deer in my yard,and about 4 years ago,a moose was sighted in my area by hunters---who were scoffed at by local game officials,saying "na--never come this far south"--well,I swore I saw it in my back yard late one night when I went behind my garage,and it scared the **** out of me,it was either a moose or a horse!..

Two weeks later,a moose was struck and killed by a Ford F-250 4x4 ,right behind a "Bennys" home and auto store only 30 feet from a major highway,thats located maybe 2 miles from my house!..and all the hunters said "HA!--no MOOSE this far south,huh?..shows how much they know!.

I felt bad it got killed,it was a female too--they suspect it had a mate,but no one's seen any more around here since..

I've seen black bears eating food I but out for deer too in my woods,but the game warden says no--they have had to tranquilize a few in my sisters home town and haul them off to more rural areas ,and she's only 60 miles north of here though...we've had many coyotes here causing trouble lately too,a ladys dog right up the street got killed and eaten by one just last month!..I've seen a pack of at least 6 of them out in my woods several times,now I dont like going out there alone..they are runing out of places to live,this area has been developed so much the past 15 years..

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