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1978 Sears GT18
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Vehicle Name 1978 Sears GT18
Year 1978
Make Sears
Model GT18
Color Black/Silver
1978 Sears GT18
1978 Sears GT18 1978 Sears GT18 1978 Sears GT18
History This was the tractor I used growing up- My dad bought it the year I was born I believe, and me and my brothers used to ride in my dads lap while he was driving it around, we all took turns mowing with it, and snowblowing with it, and had tons of fun growing up. around 2006 my dad bought a brand new Husqvarna GT2548 to replace this tractor, and gave this one to my older brother. My brother did not use it enough, and the tractor started to have some issues with fuel delivery, and the nosecone broke, so the year I bought my house, 2009, my brother gave it to me and I got it running, used it for a winter and blew the motor. That is what started my Sears addiction... I bought my first SS16 which was roached to use the motor for this tractor, but shortly after, also got an 18/6 from a fellow member on MTF, and used that till the frame broke... When the frame broke on the 18/6, I put that motor in the GT18 till I replaced the broken connecting rod in the GT18, and then put the original motor back in, fixed the nosecone, and sold the tractor around 2012. Two years later, Hugh bought it back and gave it back to me, and since then I have still been using it for snowblowing and occasionally mowing duties.
Rear Tire Size
23x10.50-12 Goodyear Turfs, homemade steel wheel weights close to 50lbs each

Front Tire Size
4.80-8 tri ribs, stretched onto a 6.5" wheel

1978 Sears GT18 PTO HP

Steel cab (currently) 26159, Haban 42" snowblower (currently) 842.260052

Electrical / Fuel Type
12v, Gasoline
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