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First use report: Grapple from Innovative Tractor Attachments

OK, I got my grapple from Marcus at Innovative Tractor Attachments and wanted to post some feedback and video from my first use.

The Grapple attaches to just about any Deere Quickhitch. You need the angling cylinder to be re-positioned for the clamping jaw and if you don't have one you'll obviously need to pick one up somewhere. It came via FedEx Ground so shipping wasn't bad.

This thing is very solidly built from heavy steel and I'd say is easily as strong or stronger than the Quickhitch itself. Assembly was about 10 minutes and consisted of attaching one bracket to the Quickhitch and fastening with a large bolt.

My main interest was in picking up and moving logs and brush from tree work. My back can't take lifting 200-300lb logs around any longer and while my FEL with a chain and hook worked, it was pretty slow. So for $569 I decided to give this a try.

Quick Summary: it works great. Easily lifts a couple hundred pounds and pickup of logs and limbs was quick and easy without ever leaving the seat.

So I put together 3 minutes of video showing it in action - sorry I couldn't embed here. Always seems to be fussy for some reason:


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