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Re: Anyone else deal with acid reflux?

Originally Posted by Tractor-Holic View Post
My doctor just "assumed" I had acid reflux,the weird thing was I rarely ever had any heartburn or that sour burp experience ,even at night,unless I had eaten something spicy or set off my stomach...he insisted a lot of folks have it,and never realize it due to lack of such symptoms...
OH, I had the symptoms alright... stabbing pain above the solar plexus or the back between the shoulder blades. Also a lasting pain just below the rib cage. I can see why they call it heartburn since the pain is so close to the heart. Had the acid come up into my throat too. Doctor made me drink barium and then something that gave me gas. Spun me around on an X-ray machine to watch the barium come back up. I guess they wanted to see if the acid burned a hole through the esophagus or not. I was lucky to catch it before that happened. A friend of the wife had serious complications from the acid burning a hole.

I've also heard that ignoring the excess acid, that the body will rob the calcium from other places in your body to try to neutralize the acid. When I had a bone scan done, the doctor had to double-check she had the right report. Said mine looked like someone ten years older than me.

Manning up and ignoring the symptoms is the wrong thing to do.

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Re: Anyone else deal with acid reflux?

Originally Posted by Jere39 View Post
I had some symptoms of GERD, but not a classic case of Acid Reflux. While the Dr was continuing to evaluate results of various tests he put my on omeprazol 40 mg for a couple months. During that time, I really did not have any of the symptoms, but ultimately I was diagnosed with Eosinophilic esophagitis. Often confused with Acid Reflux, but more likely the result of certain food allergies. It was determined that the Omeprazol was not particularly useful in treatment of my symptoms and that I should just quit. Easier said than done. I learned the hard way that the stomach develops a hyper acid build-up to combat the omeprazol. For about 6 weeks while weaning myself off Omeprazol I had the worst acid indigestion of my entire life. When I mentioned it to the Dr he kind of acknowledged that it is a known problem when quitting, but hadn't mentioned it to me. Thanks Doc.

Anyway, the EE is only a problem when I eat certain bread things, like bagels, soft pretzels, hard rolls, and it seems to be worse if the bread is a day or two old. Anyway, for me, it has been much easier to avoid those type foods than treating with a drug.

Good luck to all of you battling the symptoms. I know they are no fun. Hope you find some kind of comfort.
I have the same: Eosinophilic esophagitis. And my words would echo everything Jere says.

It's been a long road to recovery and I've gotten much better since the diagnosis after an endoscopy in my 30's, but it is a lifelong problem I feel.

One of the most-helpful tests was a food allergy test. I get strong reactions from yeasts found in most store breads and beer. (I can eat wraps and hard ciders without issue )

I've been through sessions of drinking the vinegars, taking HCL and licorice pills, along with Prilosec, Prevacid, and Nexium, but they are all meant to be temporary. Currently I am down to generic Prevacid (lansoprazole) and/or Tums as needed (every other day or every couple of days), but most importantly staying away from foods that cause a reaction and exercise to get rid of the spare tire around my waist.

Don't let the doctor tell you those proton pump inhibitors are safe for lifetime use. (mine did) Only recently they've discovered side effects like dimentia from prolonged use. I'm sure more will be found as those drugs are still fairly new to humans. Good luck to everyone posting.
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Re: Anyone else deal with acid reflux?

So I cut everything but water and tea off the list of things I drink. No more sugary stuff, nothing alcoholic, not even juice that might be acidic. I was drinking mostly water anyway but I'd have a beer or a mixed drink pretty often. Stopped fried foods with the occasional exception and I've been avoiding tomato sauce like the plague. Fried foods didn't seem to flare up the symptoms but I'm sure they contribute to my inability to lose weight, haha. Symptoms seem to be subsiding a bit, I've been able to take 1 Prevacid every other day with no ill effects so far. I also bought a bicycle and have been riding often to try and get back down below 200lbs. I'm 6"1' and I've boxed most of my life so 195 is about as light as I want to be, anything less and I'll be looking like that thing from the Blair Witch. Doctor says I'd be fine right around 200, right now I'm at 220. The goal is to cut some fat without losing muscle mass. Anyway I'm still trying to weed some other crap out of my diet, figured slowly transitioning would be less painful than going full health nut overnight.

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Re: Anyone else deal with acid reflux?

My stomach has improved a lot since the stressful situation regarding a neighbor has died down--I am certain your state of mind affects digestion and overall health a lot more than doctors and patients think it does..

I'm sure if something else stresses me out again,the symptoms will worsen instantly with a vengence..and every day,there is always something unpleasant to deal with,lately for the past month things have not been that stressful,that can change any minute however..

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Re: Anyone else deal with acid reflux?

I believe any drug legal,illegal,natural whatever could potentally confuse or make lazy, your bodys natural god given ability to correct problems and kill bad stuff.
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Re: Anyone else deal with acid reflux?

I have had a bad valve from the factory... my pyloric did not close as desired, and I barfed up a lot, failed to gain weight, and they were about to send me back(to the hospital) unless I did gain some weight. I don't have that lack of weight problem now. But.
I have been having indigestion or heartburn since I can remember. I was a strong supporter of the Tums factory, along with the Arm & Hammer baking soda sales. A teaspoon of baking soda mixed with water will not only clean your battery terminals but will slow down the burning sensation in your throat.
I finally was scoped, and told I had GERD, along with Barretts. GERD= Gastro Esophogeal Reflux Disease - your stomach contents back up into your lower esophagus and cause damage. Do it enough times, and you'll get Barretts, which is pre-cancerous condition of the cells lining the esophagus. It was bad enough they did endoscopic laser ablation. Setting off a laser to burn off the Barretts cells right there in my throat. Thankfully I was dozing at the time.
I take Lansoprazole, generic for Prevacid. I have taken it since 2000, and it has changed my life. Previously, I could get indigestion from soda crackers, and could not bend over to pull weeds, for example, without having heartburn. I had this my whole life, and while in the USN, could not eat many of the meals served without significant heartburn. If I forget to take the PPI, my Proton Pumps are no longer Inhibited, and start to produce stuff furiously. Heartburn like you have never had before, even after a couple slices of the greasiest pizza complete with oily pepperoni and tomato sauce.
I had generic meds ordered from India, and when one was only partially filled(at least I think that was it) my pumps noticed, and started to work overtime. I guess I am a quality-control checker for the pill companies...
I just found out the long term effects of Lansoprazole, but I forget what they are...

That was a joke.

simplificate & add lightness

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Re: Anyone else deal with acid reflux?

I haven't noticed mention of another dangerous condition that can be caused by reflux or GERD; if a person with reflux lays down and falls asleep, and the acid/food backs up to the windpipe and is inhaled, it can easily lead to pneumonia if not treated immediately. Some cases require hospitalization.


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Re: Anyone else deal with acid reflux?

find out what foods are causing it and eliminate them (possible triggers: tomatoes, cucumbers, olive oil, garlic, onion, spicy foods)
don't eat before bed; leave a 3-4 hour window after your last meal.
get tested; you may have too much or too little acid produced in your stomach. you may also have a hiatal hernia (burp a lot?).
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Re: Anyone else deal with acid reflux?

I've dealt with GERD for over a decade now. Omeprazole didn't work for me, Pantoprazole (protonix) does. My FIL is exactly the opposite. Change your meds if they aren't working.

One easy thing I've done is to put 4" blocks under my bed's headboard legs so my bed is raised at the head. Keeps the acid down at night and I no longer have the coughing fits when lying down. It's strange for ~1 night then you're used to it being like that.

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Re: Anyone else deal with acid reflux?

I've been prescribed and told by my doctor recently, to take two 40 mg Ozmeperole (Prilosec) daily,and he added a 300 mg Ranitidine (Zantac) pill at bedtime..which I feel is a LOT of acid blocking pills...I've been on both these drugs a long time,at least 10 years..

I still get a feeling in my throat like it has "shrunk" inside,and makes swallowing some things difficult--like the ranitidine pills ,the first bottle was capsule shaped pills ,that I thought were bad enough to get down,last week I had to get the first refill,and they gave me round pills,as large as a Tums,which always give me the fear one will end up stuck in my throat and choke me,the other night at 2 am,I had that happen--took one,tried washing it down with milk sitting up in bed,and it got lodged half way down--I started to panic,thought I might have to call 9-1-1,but I was able to hawk it back up and it came out..then I was able to swallow it OK the next attempt..

My drugstore often pulls that crap--gives you one type of pill once--then the next time it'll be a different shape or type,and they just slap a label on it saying "this medication may not look the same,but is the same as what you got before",it isn't--I could swallow the other ones!..sometimes I get Loritidine pills (Claritin) that are just the "over the counter" ones ,with a label slapped on the package,not the usual generic ones from the pharmacy too,which I feel do not work as well,despite being the "same thing" and dosage..

I have cut way back on taking the Diclofinac for pain--I've been taking various NSAID's for several decades,maybe 30 years,for back pain,and they are probably responsible for the stomach issues,the ulcers,reflux,etc..after stopping them cold turkey,I'm in a lot more pain than ever,but I have to lay off them awhile and let my stomach & intestines recover--I was getting blood in my stool,not dark tarry blood,but fresh blood,and my doctor said it was most likely hemmroids from sitting so much,and possibly from the pills,but after I stopped taking them I've had no further issues with that..
I think they eat away at your intestines..
So now my back,hips,legs,knees,all ache horribly..hoping as time passes ,the pain will ease..I suspect the sudden stoppage increases the pain level at least temporarily..

Of course I've been hounded to get a colonoscopy for 10+ years since I hit 50,but I'm reluctant to get one..for several reasons..

My latest "setback" is I've been diagnosed with high blood pressure,which has always been on the high side all my life,and the NSAID's can cause that I'm told--they have lowered the "normal" blood pressure readings to 130/80 when years ago it was acceptable to have it as high as 150/ I now have to take Lisinoprol daily to lower it,which makes me dizzy and was up to 160/80 a few times in recent weeks,but has dropped to 140/80 the last time I checked it last week at the doctors..

I have cut back on taking the Claritin daily too,now I only take one if I have an allergy flare up..and I'm no longer using my athsma inhalers,those are suspected of causing my heart rate to run wild ,I had been using them daily whether I had an attack or not,and they are noted for increasing your heart rate and causing palpitations ,and I already have A-fib,so I'm a bit paranoid when it comes to my heart..

I was told several decades ago the scoliosis can have an adverse affect on the heart,lungs,practically all your internal organs,due to them being crushed or put out of position that I'm in my 6th decade,all these life long ailments are taking a toll on me "everywhere"..
One thing I hope to do soon is get in another bed--I have one that has a craft-matic mattress and the bed I've been using the past 20 years still has the same lumpy junk mattress,I have to get the room cleaned out the craft-matic bed is in and start sleeping upstairs,being in the lower level of the house is not good for your lungs or allergies,with all the dust,spiders,and probably mold,and the furnace vapors being in the next room..but my lungs are what bother me the least lately,its the pains all over,and the stomach & throat ,and heart I'm most concerned about..

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Re: Anyone else deal with acid reflux?

One 20mg Omeprazol in the morning and I'm good to go. 3 months scrip for $6.00. I'll take it. Non scrip price is insanely high.


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Re: Anyone else deal with acid reflux?

I didn't read through all the posts but I'm 67 and had acid reflux for 30+ years. I take an Omeprazole 20mg with magnesium once a day, Equate, 42 for $14.97 @ Wal-Mart. Capsules work better for me.
Elevate your bed, make two wood blocks about 4"-5" head of bed really helps.
I was a milk shake-aholic, but cut way back. No greasy bacon, sausage. And I go to bed at midnight, so try not eating anything after 9pm.
After a while you can tell what food exacerbates it.
The people I know who really had serious problems bealched a lot and smoked and drank.

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