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Weird neighbor problem.

I know this has been discussed before, but I have great neighbors...except one. I guess these always one.
I buy adjoining land, part of it borders this guy's place. In 40 years we've spoken a little...but never that close. When I bought the land he was using it as his, cows on it, ATVs, etc. My insurance company said no, and it was a nuisance, so I had to close gates, I put up no trespassing signs, he seemed to understand and I asked him to call my insurance agent which he did.
If I saw him, I'd wave, he'd give me "the stink eye".
I'm in process of having barn built and workers have to enter near this guy's house.
I had everything surveyed, have a plat, there are rebar iron stakes with orange ribbons, ribbons on nearby trees. No doubt where property line is, an old fence is a foot on my property.
This afternoon I decided to bush hog the lower pasture and something looked different. This guy had removed my two gates, replaced with strands of barbed wire and my signs flipped around facing me!
Gates were old... I'm not all that concerned, but horses and barbed wire don't mix. I'll have to remove it...but I can see WWIII coming! My wife wants me to call police.
A few weeks ago I'm in my garage (resting in my recliner like I'm doing now) early evening when I hear an ATV. I look out and the guy rides his place to mine (apparently didn't know I was in garage), rides around the new barn that's being built , I step out and wave...he looks like he saw a ghost and hitails it home!
He's in his 70s. What to do?????

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Re: Weird neighbor problem.

Go to his house and have a polite and respectful talk, as my neighbor once did with me (in our case it was a misunderstanding. The line was not clearly defined... working on that. In the Mean time, I’m keeping my distance from where we figure the line is. We know where 2 markers are, but there’s no clear line of site, and there’s a corner there somewhere). Re-position your signs and reestablish the visibility of the line. If that doesn’t work, have another respectful but more stern talk with him. If THAT doesn’t work, have a talk with the police.
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Yikes Re: Weird neighbor problem.

I put up some game cameras (locked so they cannot be stolen and high up on trees) and no trespassing signs and warning signs of Cameras in use at the property lines and some cameras further inside the property where I've seen some trespassing activity in past.
(some of the locked boxes do not have cameras, but have a sign nearby and the box is usually full of red wasps (I leave these boxes unlocked and within easy reach so trespassers can easily inspect the box if desired)

I can then just contact the Sheriffs dept to handle trespasser's with proof of such on the camera's SD card.
My neighbors and other non neighbors now call me for permission if they want to enter my property. (and I do the same and all is well and good)
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Re: Weird neighbor problem.

Good fences make good neighbors. It sounds like your neighbor has the idea that being he was there first he owns it all. Im not sure how you get a nicely worded message through to a guy like that. In one ear and out the other. I would tell him in a matter of fact way, that the next time your property is messed with or trespassed on by him the sheriff will be out for a visit.
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The way that guy acts eliminates the chance of sensible conversation. A clearly marked survey followed by cameras as detailed above may be the only option.

I have an idiot neighbor that I know will eventually be a problem. Just hoping he moves before I have to deal with him.

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Re: Weird neighbor problem.

call the sheriff then call a lawyer then get some personal defense then pray
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Re: Weird neighbor problem.

You sure you don't live next to my BIL?? I won't steal your thread, just make sure that you stay on the right side of the law and if anyone does anything illegal it is the weird neighbor! Like the others have said, camera and photos to show what he's done or is doing would be a good ideal. People today just aren't as "neighborly" as they used to be.

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Re: Weird neighbor problem.

Hmm. From the times you spoke to him, does he seem like a decent person? Although he is acting very strange, there is still a chance that a simple conversation will do the trick. If that doesn't work, call police or take him to court.

I would start keeping a log of everything he does. Put the odd things like him riding around your barn, the gate swap, etc., in a lo. That way, you can look back and see if there is a pattern of some sorts, which could spell out trouble.

Whatever you do, make sure that you make it as amicable and cordial as possible. It is very easy to get upset, and speak or act in the moment. You could wind up doing something you regret dearly.

I am only 17 years old, so I have not had to deal with too many bad neighbors, but I'm sure my time will come, and I will see what it is like.

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When I bought my land there was a deer feeder and deer stand on my place. I posted a note in it saying this land was sold to me and these items will be mine if not gone in 1 week.
The feeder and stand were gone in a week then I found out who's they were.
While installing a new front gate the guy 73 yes old across the road walks over. He starts raising all kinds of crap about how he's been hunting on my land for 25 yrs. I quickly set him straight on who owns this property now and if he'd ever like to kill one of my deer just ask and I'll let him if it convent for me if the time arises.
The older guy was nice to me from then on out till his passing at age 84.
He never did ask to hunt on my land.
I say let the guy know you own the property and if he wants to use your property he'll need to ask. You maybe surprised and he starts respecting your place and keeps on his own side of the fence.

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Re: Weird neighbor problem.

The bottom line should be... stay off of other people's land. It doesn't matter if there is a no tresspassing sign or not. You should be respectful and stay off of their land if you didn't ask the owner if you could be on the property. It seems easy to understand but some people are bold and rude.

You will eventually gain control of your land. The guy is just stubborn and stupid.
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Re: Weird neighbor problem.

Today I was helping a builder working on my new barn. He just bought land and had some problems but he had a simple solution. His was to string a line at survey stakes then come over onto my property several inches so there's no dispute.
I was going to replace the old fence, but this way they'll be two parallel fences, old and new. Weird but I can't see it...but he can.
I'll have to think about it, since old fence is on my side barely. He has some cows on his side which is only a couple acres or so.

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Re: Weird neighbor problem.

Boy I hear ya and it's hard to deal with. My neighbor to the south of me is an idiot. blamed my 6 and 8 year old boys for putting our 6'x6' wooden fence section on his pine trees. Really? They can lift a 50lbs fence and lean it against your tree? The fence was here when I bought the place and needed replaced but I was laid off so I patched it as best I could. My "now ex-wife" talked to his wife and she was great but he's an idiot. I replaced the fence the next year and have not heard a work from him since.

I have since met people that went to school with him and said the guy is whacked.

But hey the last people that owned this place were off their rocker and didn't give two hoots about anyone but themselves so...................

Personally I would go talk to the guy and inform him that you now own the property. Be nice, and explain what you want from him, and if he is grumpy about it put up cameras and call a lawyer.

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Re: Weird neighbor problem.

Little late now, but if you had just stopped by, when you first moved in, to introduce yourself and family, you might have uncovered a lot of his history with your place. Do you hunt? If you don’t and would have offered access for him to bow hunt, guns are a different matter, things might have gone a whole different direction. I know, if you have livestock, that would change things too. Especially when it comes to fences and gates.

It’s just that in the country, folks like to roam freely and they generally will take care of things better than you. However, there are selfish people everywhere that think everything belongs to them. That’s when you diplomatically suggest he could buy hunting rights to help offset the taxes and general upkeep. Maybe even have a barbecue and use the new shed for some tables and chairs.

Hope you get it worked out with him and he becomes one of your closest friends, let alone a neighbor.

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Re: Weird neighbor problem.

You sent me some photos of your "yard" so I realize that you live in is a very nice I can fully understand why you would take exception to this guys actions...and you want it settled without incurring any lawyer fees...I would double check the survey and make sure of where your property lines are ...if they are where you believe them to be ....bring a copy ( I would imagine you have a recent survey from when you bought the property ) and calmly show him....and no matter how much he "pushes your buttons" don't take the bait....just let him know that his presence on your land in the future will be considered trespassing, and dealt with accordingly....good luck and let us know how it plays out
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Talk to a deputy about how to approach the situation even before talking to him. They have seen it all and can give you doe's and don'ts.

But when you do talk to the neighbor go over with the intention to solve the problem between you without police involved. Sucks to have a bad nextdoor neighbor.
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