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Re: The Gravely Timeline Thread

Unfortunately, my ability to edit my previous posts seems to have expired, so I'll just repost with updates.

"1922: The Gravely company was incorporated
1923: First production D Model built.
1924: Oldest known to exist D Model built.
1925: Wheel Design change on D Model.
1927: D Model switches from water cooled to air cooled.
1928: D Model engine design changes
1938- Change to single fill tank
1939-Change to Zenith carburetor from what?
1940- Change to oil bath air cleaner from what?
19?- Change to straight handlebars
1946- Change to Fairbanks magneto from what?
1947- Change to Edison AJ1 magneto
1949- Change to Wico and Bendix magnetos is it that clean, or were there odd mags mixed in sometimes?
1953?- change to large oil bath air cleaner from what? the smaller one?
1955- LI and LS start production
1957?- Bendix magneto is completely abandoned
1964?- Change to 12V Delco starter from? from 6v? or another brand?
19?- Change to 12V Bosch starter
1958, mid year: L models were equipped with high pressure oiling systems
1958? L models went from intake cams with a protruding end to one that was flush with the engine case
1958? L models switched from spring style valve covers to the style with covers (also info on the 2 types with covers?)
1960: the Gravely Tractor Company was bought by Studebaker corporation for $12.5 million
1963: L model hoods changed from angular bent style to stamped style. any in '62?
1962-3: L models changed from oil bath to dry element air cleaners needs verification
1961-2-3? L models changed from cast iron rear facing to aluminum bodied front facing carbs. Was there a year with rear facing aluminum? Needs further narrowing
1962-3? L models changes fro the "regal" or "sunrise" red color scheme to "chevy engine orange" and off white
1964: and later L series had rectangular axle housing ends as did the Swifty 63's.
1972-73 "Chevy Engine Orange" changed over to "Mustang" red. Also known as "Flower Power" and "Poppy". Yellow was discontinued on all models at that time.
19? L models incorporated a trunion block into the pto shift dog
19? L models changed fan shroud style from flower pattern to horizontal cutouts
19? L models became 6.6 HP and had beefier jug tops
19? L models switched from wood hand grips to plastic

Gravelys: 1951 L, 1952 L, 1954 L, 1956 LI, 1961 LI-SR, 1962 L, 1962 LI, 1963 LI, 1965 L8, 1965 LS, C 10, 524, 5460, 8102.

I can quit any time I want. I just don't want to right now.

The rest: 1969 WH Raider 12, 1983 WH A-111, 1985 WH 314A, AC 917H, 1978 Ford 2600, 1978 Ford 4100, 1975 Ford 3550 Industrial, 1959 Farmall 560, 1949 Case VAC, 1951 Case VAC Eagle Hitch, Troy Bilt Horse, Troy Bilt Pony. Mowers, rakes, balers, and far too much other old junk to list....
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