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Re: 16G fuel pump issues

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I'm about to change my first fuel pump on the Subaru Robin EH65. It has always had cold start issues. The original owner said that he replaced the fuel pump only to find out that his starting issues were related to a fuel filter with too fine filtration. Swapping out the fuel filter solved the issue. My no-start issues, which started about three weeks ago occurred after the machine was sitting for a while (using a 2-wheeler to cut grass mostly). Further investigation yesterday showed that the pump was not pumping when disconnected from the carb. The plastic fuel pump that is on it (Mitsumi brand?) does not appear to be serviceable, so I ordered a new metal OEM one and will be installing it this week.
Not to hijack this thread, but my new fuel pump arrived today. Installed it and I am getting very sporadic fuel delivery on the output side of the pump. The battery was tired and it had been sitting, so I put it on the tender. Replaced fuel filter. Where to look next? I'm hoping I don't have an issue with crankcase vacuum.



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