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Re: Gravely Mow-Ins, Shows, Swap Meets, Gatherings, Etc.

Well it was my first mow in and it was great putting names and faces together. I picked up some much needed parts and souvenirs.
Meeting Ellis was a trip, we talked for around 15 minutes and it was clear he didn't put two and two together (name tag and the conversation) when I finally said "hey bone head don't you have a part for me?" The next thing I know I'm in a bear hug. Lols. Ellis is so much bigger in person then he is on the computer.
I had some great conversations with John (jepics) and Dave (tracktortag), got to deliver a message to Ralph that I've been wanting to for some time but it wouldn't translate out right typed out. I'm actually kidding Ralph, I'm jealous of your luck.
I don't know if there is an award for packing but CanaryAl would have had it hands down. I was impressed with the amount of stuff he had between the van and the trailer, the very definition of ten pounds of poo in a five pound bucket.
Steve Turcheck working on his famous videos we all love to see and I'm sure I'm missing some of you.
I kept missing Phil and Ron who I wanted to meet.
I'm embarrassed to say I didn't get a single picture, I was suffering from the kid in the candy store syndrome. My wife got a few, god bless her.

Thanks to all who worked to put this together the wife and I had a blast.

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