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Re: Magneto couplers

Originally Posted by franklin2 View Post

He could not get it started, and I told him to make sure the magneto made a "click" when he turned the engine by hand, and how it had a spring loaded mechanism inside to make it fire at low speeds. He got a guy to help him take it apart and said his magneto did not have the centrifugal mechanism inside, but they did find the points corroded, and they fixed that. He goes to put it together and finds he has lost the phenolic coupler for the magneto. He asked me if I had any parts and if I may have one.

I'm a bit concerned with the above statement that indicates that the impulse mechanism is missing and or inoperative, without that you may find it very hard to get a strong enough spark to fire off the engine. The impulse mechanism winds up and releases at a specific point, when it "snaps" the roster inside the magneto is accelerated to a speed the generates the necessary voltage for ignition. Sadly your friend will need to find the missing parts and or a new magneto.

Good luck!
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