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Re: Grease Gun Recommendation

Originally Posted by Jig Stick View Post
I just purchased my first JOhn Deere. A 2005 GX345. I am doing a complete maintenance routine so that I know what I am starting with maintenance wise. can somebody recommend a good grease gun for me to use on my mower deck spindles and front wheel spindles? How does a greas gun fit onto the components that need grease in them? Is there a bib like when you connect an air house to tire valve stems? Im new at this whole grease thing. THanks.
Tudor:.. I found this tread under Active Topics.. I noticed the date it was started.. (3-8-2010) & the OP was lookin for information which in his postin told me that somehow he didn't know what a grease zerk was for or what one looked like.. he was askin how a grease gun fit onto the components that need grease in them..

Originally Posted by slip knot View Post
Gotta have a gun for each grease or application. I got a 5 gallon air gun with EP in it for machinery. a pistol grip with EP for vehicle greasing. A lever gun with Moly grease in it for drivelines and a small pistol grip with waterproof grease for the boat. The air gun is great for big jobs. The pistol grips are good for lower psi work and lever guns are needed for higher pressure fittings.
now fast forward 5 days later when the last post was made.. no one had posted anything as far as what a zerk looked like..

now a guy with a newely aquired machine that didn't know anything about greasing a tractor.. I was wonderin what that machine had left on it today as far as spindles on the deck & front end..

I had found this in a quick search..

Zerk Fittings / Grease Fittings

so the OP could know what the grease gun fit onto.. which was to me his MAIN question..

now for this tread to lay DEAD for over 5 years & another post was made of a high $$$$ set up... I found ironic.. if the OP hadn't figured out how to grease his machine by then.. was there a great need for any type of gun.. or should he replace the machine..

I can just imagine what a machine lookes like if it didn't get any grease to the front axle & deck spindles..
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