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Magneto couplers

Do all the different magnetos use the same phenolic coupler? There is a guy at my church that bought a older L about a year ago, and wants to get it running this year to mow his grass. He pretty much knows nothing about them, and I know just a little more than nothing.

He could not get it started, and I told him to make sure the magneto made a "click" when he turned the engine by hand, and how it had a spring loaded mechanism inside to make it fire at low speeds. He got a guy to help him take it apart and said his magneto did not have the centrifugal mechanism inside, but they did find the points corroded, and they fixed that. He goes to put it together and finds he has lost the phenolic coupler for the magneto. He asked me if I had any parts and if I may have one.

Both my L's have a Wico magneto that clicks. And both of mine have what looks like a round coupler made of a brown material and it looks like it has a thin slot on both sides, perpendicular to each other. Of course I need both my couplers, no spares, but was wondering if I found him one, would they all look like mine.

I was thinking of asking him if he had access to a machine shop, I could take one of mine off and they should be able to easily make one out of nylon or some sort of phenolic. I even thought a wooden dowel rod. But I just saw the post on here where the guy just bought 6 gravelys, and said something about parts. So I was thinking of Pm'ing him about a coupler if they all were the same. I haven't been to the church guy's house to see if a type like mine would fit or not, but thought you guys probably would know.
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