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Re: Don't use marine 2 stroke oil in your chainsaw!!

loaned a 2 stroke lawn boy to an inlaw ...and a can of "mixed" gas to go with it, told them to use it to fill up ... they used it on a weekend and called me on Sunday night... it wouldn't start .....

went back over and it was "seized" solid ... asked them where the can of mixed gas was ... "right over there , but we used our own gas" ... "what type of oil did you mix in it ?" ... " non , we never had to with the old mower " ....

labels on the machine said to mix oil ... I told them , even supplied the gas with oil in it .... Dumb as a bag of rocks ...

same thing happened with the "2 strokes" where I used to work ...
always set up the machines and mixed the fuel , labeled the cans , instructed the workers ... but someone would use straight gas .... chain saws, weed whackers, cement saws , etc ....

I put tags on the units saying " if it comes back broken , the person who signed it out is fired " ... they finally let 1 guy go and the rest smartened up.
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