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still.try.decide 08-14-2019 11:58 AM

JD or Husqvarna
Hi everybody
I will need to buy a garden tractor to cultivate a couple of acres, 2 at first, then maybe clear some land and work on more. I really like the specs of Husqvarna GT52XLSi, (dif lock, strong enough tuff torqe transaxle) but I don't like their frame twisting and buckling. I want to use my tractor with a moldboard plow, cultivator, harrow etc. and maybe even with the front plow/loader. So I am really leaning towards JD x570, it's more expensive but in the long run what good is Husqvarna if the frame buckles. Also my terrain is uneven and we got a little bit of a slope. What would you guys choose? Someone said not to discount Cub Cadet, but I also have to look at dealerships, and around Fredericton New Brunswick there are not that many choices, I need to look at the future service, parts etc. Would JD X570 be a good choice?

spokes100 08-14-2019 12:01 PM

Re: JD or Husqvarna
:MTF_wel: John Deere all the way!

Cranman 08-14-2019 12:06 PM

Re: JD or Husqvarna
My thoughts......I'm a farmer....and I use real tractors to do work....I've got old Wheelhorses, John deere heavy duty garden tractors, and some really nice old Craftsman GT 6000s. These are theoretically probably capable of doing real work, but compared to a farm tractor, they are toy's. Look around for a clean used Ford 8N, 2000, 3000 etc, or any real tractor that strikes your fancy. You'll save time, money and aggravation.

MinnesotaSteve 08-14-2019 01:32 PM

Re: JD or Husqvarna
I think you might want to consider more tractor...

Something with ag tires on it.

still.try.decide 08-14-2019 05:41 PM

Re: JD or Husqvarna
Ford 8N that's 60 years old. Isnt' that asking for trouble?
I understand the bigger the better but with our budget we're looking at spendign up to $6000 USD, and I want somethign reliable. And a lot of crops will be smaller patches of garden variety
Are those older tractors reliable?

Bob E 08-14-2019 07:06 PM

Re: JD or Husqvarna
I don't know, I think as long as you buy a good one an old time real tractor would be a lot less trouble than a new garden tractor.
Run away from husqvarna.

Ariens93GT20 08-14-2019 09:15 PM

If going Ford forget the 8N and go direct to a 2000 or 3000. They are way nicer tractors than the old 8N. You really need some thing with power steering, real time pto and hydraulics. Any brand utility will do. For no more acres than you have there is really no need for a full sized farm tractor unless you have a building big enough to park it in.

Merc1973 08-14-2019 10:48 PM

Re: JD or Husqvarna
None of those in the OP would be my choice especially with moldboard plow. I look for something with a real 3 point hitch and heavy frames to mount a front loader like a used John Deere 430, 455, x495, or x595 would be better, no smaller. These all have long lasting diesel engines, 2 or 3 spool hudraulics, power steering, diff lock and weigh over 1000# without mower. Even an older subcompact: Deere, Kubota, Yanmar

rayjay 08-14-2019 11:26 PM

Re: JD or Husqvarna
$6000 might get you something used that would do the job but nowadays $6000 only buys a new heavy duty lawn mower. I would look for an older sub-compact that has had gentleman farmer usage.

MARK (LI) 08-14-2019 11:26 PM

Re: JD or Husqvarna
Most old stuff is better than a brand new Husq...Massey Ferguson, Allis Chalmers, Case, IH, Bolens..and you won't have to spend 6 grand

dougand3 08-15-2019 12:16 AM

Re: JD or Husqvarna
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This would be fun.

still.try.decide 08-15-2019 01:23 AM

Re: JD or Husqvarna
So you guys are telling me that a 20 or 30 yr. old tractor, will be trouble free, vs. a new John Deere x5** ? I thought that JDs, even small ones were tough? and old stuff is.... old stuff. it's like buying a car, I woudl always choose a new car over an old Ford. Tractors have the same components as cars; wheels, engines etc. so they are bound to break down if they are old. right? what am I missing?
And I know I can only use a single moldboard plow on a small garden tractor, it's not like I could pull a set of 7 plows, but on 2 acres I can afford to leisurely chug along and do it furrow by furrow
I am not really disagreeing with anybody here, Im just trying to get to the bottom of this, because for 6 grand all I see available are antiques.

still.try.decide 08-15-2019 01:45 AM

Re: JD or Husqvarna
So this is the JD I was thinking about
I saw this on kijij

which one is a better choice?
Please keep in mind I am not a mechanic, and doing engine repairs and such would be major challenge.
thats why I really like the 4 yr. warranty from John Deere, on new tractors
Both of these machines I would put ag tires on them, that's in the budget.
And speaking of budgets, I think attachments for sleeve hitches are cheaper than the 3 point, aren't they?

UpstateTony 08-15-2019 06:47 AM

Re: JD or Husqvarna
Donít let anyone fool you- most of the time when you buy 20/30 year old tractor you are going to spend a lot of time wrenching on it. To some of the guys on this forum itís no big deal, they have the time and the skill to rebuild anything. But donít expect to buy a heavily used 20/30 year old tractor and not have to spend considerable time on it. Reliability also becomes an issue with high hour, 30 year old tractor

I think you will need to buy an electric sleeve hitch for the X570- youíll need some weights. Easy to get into bracket creep, but I would seriously look at X580 (with hydraulics) and power steering for your intended use. The JD ( any of the 500 series) is light years better than Husky- besides weak frame ( not good if you intend to plow) they have steering issues and only have k66 tranny, while the JD 500s series have K72= 40% more torque to rear wheels

abu507 08-15-2019 07:29 AM

Re: JD or Husqvarna
Buy an old power king in good shape and have at. Very capable for what you intend to use it for and dependable.

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