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Willy B 06-11-2017 11:11 AM

Husqvarna "NEVER AGAIN"
2017 Husqvarna YTH20V46 And so the tale of woe begins. Purchased at a big box store on a spring sale interest free. Hired a truck and brought it home. No problem starting it so it was driven into the garage to wait for the grass to grow. The grass was ready for cutting on 17th May. The size of my property is about 1 1/4 Acre, the mower got about 650 feet then the engine stopped and wouldn't start. I called the store and was informed that it was warrantee by Husqvarna and I would have to hire someone to take it to the approved Husqvarna small engine shop, $75 pickup and delivery. So off it went to Archie & Meat-heads Small Engine shop. On the 23rd I received a call the tractor was fixed. Asked them what was wrong with it and they replied it was a pinched wire under the seat, strange but oh well) So off to mow the grass again, I got a patch about 5000 sq ft done and all seemed OK so went inside for a coffee. When I tried it about 30 min later it wouldn't start. We called Archie & Meat-headís shop who claimed we didn't know what we were doing, so thankfully in this day and age of electronics we were able to take the telephone outside to the tractor so we could follow their instructions on how to start it. I guess they didn't know how to start it either because it still wouldn't start. About 3 and Ĺ hours later I went out and tried it and it started (so much for the pinched wire under the seat), this time I got a bit over 5000 sq ft mowed before it quit. The following day we took it back to Archie and Meat-headís shop, then called both the store & Husqvarna. Husqvarna called A&M small engine shop and were told there was nothing wrong with the tractor, so case closed and we were hung out to dry. So much for the Husqvarna warrantee. So we picked it up again and took it to the place of purchase. I told the customer service I had $2800 plus 120 hauling it around and still didn't have the grass cut and I wanted it fixed or replaced. I agreed to having one of their mechanics (the store also has a large automotive shop) take a look at it provided it didnít void the warrantee. Briggs and Stratton offered to replace the motor but it would take time to ship but agreed it would not void the warrantee if the storeís licensed mechanic (also small engine qualified) would have a look at it. He found the flywheel was badly rusted so replaced it and some ignition components but still had some doubts and to give it a try. Well hauled it home (again) this time I got about 24000 sq ft done before it quit. Called the customer service and were told the General Manager would call us, he did and offered us a new tractor of our choice, we could have another Husqvarna but that he would like to steer us clear of that and suggested a Troy Built 20HP single cylinder 46 inch cut which sounded great to me. The store would deliver the new one and pick up the Husqvarna. They are not pleased with the Husqvarna Service dept. and it wouldn't surprise me if Husqvarna is not in their line up this fall for snow blowers. I should also mention here that this Big Box store is available in all towns and cities across Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific. and guarantees customer satisfaction

Smaller problems with the tractor were the cruise control latch (rarely worked) The brake pedal lock didn't always catch and the free wheeling device wouldn't always pull out

love the Troy Built, it works as it should :tango_face_grin:

ggsteve 06-11-2017 12:30 PM

Re: Husqvarna "NEVER AGAIN"
Welcome to MTF! Sorry for your troubles. I'm glad the store made it right. I have an AYP-built Craftsman (same factory as the Husqvarna) that has been great, but it's the 3rd one they delivered to get it right.

Good luck with the Troy Built.

Willy B 06-11-2017 01:45 PM

Re: Husqvarna "NEVER AGAIN"
Thanks; yeah it's difficult for them to get out of replacing it because of the customer satisfaction guarantee. If you have a store brand broken tool just take it back and they'll replace it. Have to jump through the hoops though when a manufacturers warante is involved. The old Sears Craftsman I bought in 1977 leaks oil around the shaft but still works great, it was the mower deck that fell apart last fall but the plow blade is still good so it will see some service again this coming winter.

Father Deerest 06-11-2017 02:38 PM

Re: Husqvarna "NEVER AGAIN"
It sounds like a bad situation with a brand of machine but the fact the store tried and made it right makes for a good call out to the store and managers to help and eat the cost of an expensive machine. So to follow up the store could be mentioned for good customer service.

Willy B 06-11-2017 03:52 PM

Re: Husqvarna "NEVER AGAIN"

Originally Posted by Father Deerest (Post 10858153)
It sounds like a bad situation with a brand of machine but the fact the store tried and made it right makes for a good call out to the store and managers to help and eat the cost of an expensive machine. So to follow up the store could be mentioned for good customer service.

Quite True but being new to the forum I'm not sure if mentioning a corporate name would be allowed so if not the moderators can remove it without complaint from me, Not only is it a bad situation with the brand but their warantee; choice of service backwoods service repair shops speaks volumes of their cheapness and lack of customer support. One has to wonder about the encrustation of rust on the flywheel and where this engine was stored before installation in the LT
In Canada these Canadian Tire Corp. stores are well known and certainly hold their own against Walmart Sears or any of the other multi national corporates. The CTC store here in Central NS has looked after me as well as many other customers

TobyU 06-11-2017 07:13 PM

Re: Husqvarna "NEVER AGAIN"
Both of the big stuff box stores around here leave so many items outside on display that they get rained on often.
I still recommend buying from the big box stores as the prices are usually as cheap as it gets and they typically have a 90-day return policy in writing period most will even go beyond that take care of the customer if you stick to your guns. Many times the store managers have bent over backwards and given people a full credit to buy something else in the store when the manufacturer or the engine manufacturer weaseled weaseled weaseled out of trying to not help the customer.
Husqvarna is typically better quality than Troy-Bilt with fewer problems. But many things have changed in the past couple of years with Husqvarna using the General transmission and then Troy-Bilt you can get double pulley system 7 speed shift on the Fly on one of their lowest models and all the rest typically have the K46.
Odds are it was really something simple but that machine. Could have been a messed up gas cap or a fuel filter or a pinch fuel line or the EPA required tube being clogged up.
Typically they send them to their service center fix the problem ship them back then sell them and a slight discount. I have bought several Toro Personal Pace is at 50- $80 off regular price just because it have been sent back for whatever reason. Often there is an invoice that says what the problem was but sometimes it's just the person doesn't like the way it mows.

Willy B 06-12-2017 10:28 AM

Re: Husqvarna "NEVER AGAIN"
Hi TobyU I'm afraid this Husqvarna had real problems, there was none in stock so I had it ordered and received it in the spring (mid March). Although I no longer repair my own vehicles I've had extensive experience repairing automotive problems missed by licensed mechanics. One case that comes to mind is a 1975 Ford Maverick V8 from day one it wold idle rough, every time I brought it back to the dealer under warantee they disconnected something in the pollution control system (those days it could get the owner a hefty fine). The problem was caused by an imperfect spacer casting located between the carburetor and intake manifold. I took the casting to my work place, put it on a milling machine and milled it flat. End of problem. Although retired I qualify as a millwright trained in Pneumatics, hydraulics, welding gas & Arc,
Electronics communications, repair and maintenance; instrumentation; a couple years as a high rigger. At 82 I'm now resting after quite a life experience. However my appraisal of the Husqvarna is it was overheating, the valves would stick in the head and of course the motor would stop. Having checked for spark; flow of fuel both were good, the last thing to check is air and compression both checked at the mouth of the carburetor. with my hand over the carburetor I had suction so it was getting air, however on the compression stroke it was blowing the air back out. Only one way that can happen. I would hate to think of the damage that could have been done to the camshaft and I wanted rid of it or a NEW motor
My total assessment of the machine is the body parts and frame were excellent more sturdy than the Troy Built. The jerky transmission and associated pedals were awful the linkage was worse. The Husqvarna Customer Service Dept were a buyers nightmare. I would not recommend Husqvarna products to anyone. Once bitten (and bitten bad) I have nothing good to say about them (Maybe I'm just in a bad mood eh!)

SomeOldGuy 10-08-2017 10:54 AM

Re: Husqvarna "NEVER AGAIN"
Willy B, on the air blowing out of the intake what you were probably seeing was the compression release doing its job. the starter on briggs motors such as you had can not over come the compression to crank the motor over, so they put a centrifugal compression release on the camshaft. it simply gives the intake
valve a little bump as the piston comes up on compression during cranking.
you can actually hear the compression release engage when you turn the engine off, as it comes to a stop there is a change in the sound from the intake during the last few revolutions of the crankshaft.
like so many things now, it is made as cheaply as it can be and sometimes fails resulting in a no start condition. the starter will engage & tries to crank the motor over, but can't acting like the battery is weak.

briggs has also again started using the short fuel cut solenoids that will short out. when it goes bad you can see anything from it won't start, or during use it dies & won't restart and sometimes damaging the solenoid pigtail connector from it over heating because the solenoid is pulling too much current. you
can't swap the longer solenoids in place of the short ones.
replacement carburetors are only coming with the short solenoids.
if you have a carburetor with the long solenoid, take care of it.

Willy B 10-08-2017 12:14 PM

Re: Husqvarna "NEVER AGAIN"
Some Old Guy, from another old guy :) thank you for the reply, I have no quarrel with Briggs & Stratton as they offered to replace the engine and the deliver would have taken time would have much too long a time for delivery. My anger was toward Husqvarna Service Dept. and the jackass repair depo of their choice. The Dept. store where I bought the Husky, also has a very large and very busy automobile repair service and small engine repair is not financially feasible to them. After being told by Husqvarna service dept. that their repair shop said there was nothing wrong with it it I returned to the store for a refund or replacement.
I was asked by the store manager if I would agree to their auto service dept who have licensed mechanics qualified in both auto and small engines try to repair it and for me try it one more time. I agreed.
Their finding " under the flywheel it was a mess of rust and corruption" where that motor had been stored before before installation could not have been a very good place. I tried it and I must say it did twice as much mowing as it had done before but still a dismal performance in my opinion.
I was offered any new tractor they had in stock, but they suggested I stay away from Husqvarna, but did recommend the single cylinder 20 HP Troy Built tractor along with that thanks for my cooperation with them and that they would pick up the Husky when the delivered the new Troy which they did not have in stock. I received the new Troy Built two days later, and it's a dream come true after the Husqvarna nightmare. Everything works with ease as it should, and I'm sure it will outlast me :). I had also planed to buy a new Husqvarna snow blower for this winter, but I notice the chain no longer carries them. Not that I'd ever consider dealing with them again. Thanks for the information on the Briggs & Stratton, I'll pass that along, the tractor had to be replaced because the mower deck deteriorated to junk, but the old Sears tractor with it's single cylinder B&S 12HP motor can still plow snow :)
So as I said Husqvarna never again it seems they do not want to back up their product whis costs more than it's worth in my honest opinion
Willy B

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