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Longboardr 07-04-2019 11:30 PM

New to me 5240
Howdy fellas, you've built some real nice knowledge in this forum, I've learned a lot poking around and wanted to say thanks.

I've got a buddy that's had a Gravely forever, with a new long driveway I knew what I wanted to add to my stable. I'm expecting I'll appreciate the 5240 and snowblower very much this winter. Picked this up off a real nice older guy that apparently didn't use it hard. So far looks like I did well, basic maintenance has been simple and this thing is happy to run.

After servicing the 30" brush mower and tractor it did a real nice job around a ditch the M can't get into.

Definitely digging the dual wheels, already saved my bacon from going down into the soft ground.

HeyYou 07-05-2019 02:02 PM

Re: New to me 5240
Nice score. :)

Lnk 07-09-2019 04:40 PM

Prior to a few weeks ago, I never heard of a gravely. Scanning the local letsgo app, I saw a 5240 with kidney deck and silky for $75. Sent the guy a message saying I would take it. Water in the engine and transmission. Tore it down and found galled aluminum on crank rod journal. Miked original specs. So ordered a rebuild kit and now runs like a top.

We don't get any real snow here so can't say how it would run a blower, bit handles the 40" kidney mower great. Just got done mowing the goat enclosure a few minutes ago. Now I am looking for other attachments. Then I was thinking I needed an L8 or C8 to handle the steep areas we have on the farm. I think I am getting GAS......

Enjoy the 5240 and post how much you like it. Also, add the area you are in to your signature, so we understand the challenges in your area.


Longboardr 07-09-2019 10:48 PM

Re: New to me 5240
Sounds like you're in for a real nice price. I've had a buddy rightfully bragging up blowing snow with his early '70s Gravely for probably 20 years now, we get the occasional late winter 2 footer around here. I joined the club because I'll have a long driveway next winter and didn't want to have to depend on plowing alone. I've been keeping an eye out for a kidney mower after appreciating how well the 30" brush mower worked. I'll be rebuilding the carb soon on general principle and I need to unbend the snowblower where the gear engages to turn the output.

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