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gravely1964 05-24-2019 09:27 PM

83 8199KT and 60 inch deck
16 Attachment(s)
So this tale all started out ran outa welding wire in my welder. And came in the house and set down at the puter and started reading FB messages. My buddy Mark had said he was gonna post it for sale. For $250 needing work. I did not even hesitate told him don't care what it needed its sold and be there in 45 minutes. I hooked Big red up to the 18ft and headed out. 60 won't fit on my small trailer

So heres what I got

Attachment 2378007After about 100 mile round trip

Attachment 2378009

Attachment 2378011Pretty nice looking. And runs drives and functions mainly. I'll get to those issues here

Attachment 2378013Kt not an onan ehhh oh well

Attachment 2378015Engine numbers

Attachment 2378017Tractor = 83 numbers

Attachment 2378019Hours seem high for wear im seeing

Attachment 2378021So tractor runs and drives. 2 main complaints from 2 po's ago was motor was rebuilt and leaked oil since. Ok not a huge issue I didn't think at the time and cheap enough to not care

Attachment 2378023Last was it doesn't charge. Also not scary for me. And new drive clutches installed but rivits loose on both. Assuming they didn't use gravely ones or done incorrectly. Reguardless easy fixes so I would think.

Attachment 2378025So I used it abit 15 minutes maybe smelled weird, and I hadn't checked the tractor over well at all at this point. So took it back to the barn to check somethings.....

Attachment 2378027Surprise one was the nest in the shroud. Pulled tins and blew all the stuff out and slapped on a good used voltage regulater to make it charge. Rerivited clutch lineings. At this point no sign of oil leak.

Attachment 2378029So went and mowed for like half hour and came back checked oil. Right on add. Strange was full when I started hummmm

Attachment 2378031Parked it for the night. Pressure washed it best I could the next night. After seeing it leaking

Attachment 2378033After pressure washing no real sign but in this area. My electric pressure washer finally took a dump after so many year too while doing this.

Attachment 2378035Got out the carb cleaner and sure enough cracked. Well that puts a damper on things :banghead3

Attachment 2378037So realize its time to shoe horn it threw my shop door which is literally the same size as the deck. And get ready for an open heart operation. Searched ebay and found another bearing enclosure for a kt and a gasket for about $27. And parts will be here next weds day or thursday. So I'll take the motor off then and see what happens.

You guys are now up to speed on where im at have some vids i'll throw on here another day

Steveamy40342 05-27-2019 09:07 AM

Re: 83 8199KT and 60 inch deck

gravely1964 06-11-2019 09:54 PM

Re: 83 8199KT and 60 inch deck
13 Attachment(s)
Attachment 2381379 Got the new non gravely bearing plate enclosure.

Attachment 2381381

Attachment 2381383And new gasket

Attachment 2381385Got the motor off

Attachment 2381387 Got the cover off and realized its cracked on both sides there

Attachment 2381389

Attachment 2381391Got the new to me cover on and sanded paint off after thinking on it over night for gasket surface to seal adapter plate better

Attachment 2381393 Back on

Attachment 2381401After some mowing and no leaks cleared for active work dutys

Attachment 2381403Laying some 60 inch strips in the front yard

Attachment 2381405

Attachment 2381407

Attachment 2381409Worked great and plus side is engine oil level is staying the same. Think thats gonna cap major repairs for this one. Turned over 1,900hrs tonight mowing the yard. On to the next haul of stuff if you guys want to see them lol

Antarctica 06-12-2019 09:20 AM

Re: 83 8199KT and 60 inch deck
Great score, great work.

Nice machine! Looks like you've got the perfect place for a 60" deck,

Antarctica 06-12-2019 09:22 AM

Re: 83 8199KT and 60 inch deck
Also - looks like you've got L's stacked like cord wood like so many of us. Sure wish I could find a use for them. If only they could be easily geared down for motor conversions.

gravely1964 06-12-2019 10:34 PM

Re: 83 8199KT and 60 inch deck
Vids just needed a night to sit down and copy and paste links

The buy

Working on finds parts to try and use it

Re riveting clutches

Useing it and figureing out the issues

Whats leaking? Oh is that cracked?

Takeing the motor off and takeing the bearing incloser plate off

Puting it back together

Takeing the black ? off, boy its tough

Motor back on

Mowing the front yard. Anybody who wants and idea on my yard im running second gear high range mowing

I have one or 2 more vids to edit for this but for the most part thats it. Enjoy guys

tracktortag 06-13-2019 09:37 AM

Re: 83 8199KT and 60 inch deck
Glad it turned out to be a great buy for you, Steve. Nice, and smooth cut too. Having the 60" deck will give you more time to bring more tractors home too.:tango_face_wink:

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