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Originally Posted by rwmeyer View Post
Tracs, If you're getting those numbers on a cold engine and the manual specs 355, I'd say it's not an engine problem...or at least not a compression problem.

AFTER engine runs for 5 minutes or so, go 1/3-1/2 throttle, engage pto and go full throttle. Listen to engine as you start moving snow. If engine starts to bog, reduce ground speed. Even at WOT, the second stage can only blow so much snow. Sounds to me like your moving too fast, the second stage gets loaded up and then the auger...stalling the engine.

I have a 14 hp with a 49 (single stage) thrower and found too fast a ground speed would clog thrower or stall engine. WOT and ground speed are the key! Bob
The compression test was done on a cold engine. I didn’t add oil to the cylinders.

I do feel the compression is fine. Was wanting to compare to others if they have ever tested.

Slower ground speed worked for me this past winter. As always I probably think there is a problem where there isn’t one.
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