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Re: Valve Adjustment

Well here's where Im at now. Got it to TDC without question and can touch the top of piston w/little finger, no wonder the plug is slanted because if it wasn't there would be no room for it at all.
But exhaust side went well and was pretty easy actually but the intake side seemed like it just didnt want to adjust. It ( the lifter/bolt) just wants to turn it seems.
Is there a way to turn the lifter/bolt all the way down and then just start working it upwards? I actually thought I saw the thing wobble once and thought
Wooooh". But it seems like it doesnt wanna go up or down.
Or does any of you know wich way does it turn to go upwards? Towards the front of tractor or back towards the operator?

I dont like asking for help all the time but Im so far into this thing I dont want to mess anything up and will stop before doing that.
I know its just a bolt thats in a hole but if I had to replace it I know I'd have to take the head off and all that jazz and I dont wanna do that again because Ive done it two times already and really dont wanna do it again.

Thanks to all of you
P.S. If this Gravely was gonna be for my use I would have just tuned it up when I got it and that would have been that.
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