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Re: Valve Adjustment

Originally Posted by jrd View Post
You want to set valves when both cams are all the way down. Easiest way to get that is to turn the engine to TDC on the compression stroke.
I cant hardly get thru my head that this is a dual cam engine. Im thinking the cams would be across left to right but they are front to back I guess. Weird, at least to me cause I think of DOHC on a big motorcycle engine like a 900 cc Kaw that I would watch my older buddies work on when I was a kid.

Ending my usual rambling, So when I manually turn it over as soon as the mag snaps I then gauge them both or do them individually as it snalp?
Im glad I stopped and got on here and posted because the ex side bolt or lifter was getting loose and if that would have somehow came out ( assuming it can ) I wouldnt have known what to do.
Thanks as usual
Mark Sr.
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